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Submission + - Netherlands to introduce net neutrality ( writes: "Dutch tech news site reports that the Netherlands will get a legal guarantee on net neutrality, as far as the minister of economics Verhagen (CDA, Christian Democrats) is concerned. Verhagen will almost fully accept a motion of the opposition parties, although the coalition members are not yet fully convinced.

If accepted, the Netherlands would become the second country after Chili to guarantee net neutrality."


Submission + - Belgium prosecutes the church of Scientology writes: "The Belgian Federal Judicial Authorities plans to prosecute the church of Scientology. The church is accused of being a criminal organisation which involves itself with extortion, fraud, unfair trading, violation of privacy laws and unlawfully practicing medicine. Both the Belgian and the European departement should be brought to court, according to the authorities. An investigation has been started in 1999 after former Scientologists complained about extortion by the church, this investigation has now been completed and the authorities want the case to be put through. The Belgians call this case a world's first. In some countries, including the US, the church of Scientology is officially recognised as a religion, with high-profile followers such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta."

Submission + - Why Microsoft Really Wants PC Gaming to Revive

thegamebiz writes: Amped News has an interesting article reflecting on the current state of PC gaming and how Games for Windows is meant to not only boost PC gaming, but help Microsoft set up dominance for the Xbox 360 in the console space. From the article: ""Mark your calendars: January 30th 2007 will be the most significant day in gaming for the next several years.' It's difficult to know if he's right. Taking history into consideration, the launch of new operating systems has caused gamers more pain than pleasure, at least initially. Anyone playing PC games during the transition from MS-DOS to Windows 95 can testify to that...The foundation must be laid with care, no matter what the initial inconvenience. Because Microsoft knows this, January 30th, 2007 is a day that not only marks a rebirth of sorts for the PC gaming industry, it will also be known in history books as the day Microsoft launches a surprise attack for console dominance."

Submission + - Hubble Telescope's Main Camera Shuts Down

anthemaniac writes: is reporting that the aging observatory's primary camera, the ACS, has been in safe mode since the weekend. From the article: 'An initial investigation indicates the camera has stopped functioning, and the input power feed to its Side B electronics package has failed.' The camera has shut down before and been revived.

Submission + - Open Source Laptops

doubleDog writes: I noticed Dell now sells "open source" desktops at considerable savings compared to those pre-loaded with Micro$oft. Does anyone sell new notebook computers the same way? (It would be nice to have an alternative to the ubiquitous Vista offerings.)

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