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Comment Re:Tax breaks for the rich? (Score 1) 260

I think the 'woosh' is perhaps for you.

No one is talking about sales taxes here. Those taxes are designed to be passed to the customer. We're talking about all the various taxes that businesses are required to pay. Taxes on profit, medicare taxes, social security taxes. I don't personally go along with the whole 'businesses shouldn't pay taxes' mindset, but I see where people are coming from. Is that computer that costs $500 going to cost less if the company doesn't have to pay tax on the profit they're making at the end of the year? That's the question. And personally, I don't think so. As that is too abstract for most people to see right away...

Comment Re:Sounds fine to me (Score 1) 1049

Who said I don't believe in God and live my life according to the Christian ethic? "Believe in Christ and you shall be saved"??

I just don't feel the need to use a book written 2000 years ago to explain things that science has recently explained. If the bible would have explained the creation of the Earth through evolution it wouldn't have been understood. Think about it, how would you explain something which we take as a basic principal (like how airplanes fly) to the general population who lived 2000 years ago? Do you think they understood the physics behind things like that?

Submission + - MIT Media Lab Releases New Programming Language

An anonymous reader writes: Efforts to make computer programming accessible to young people began in the late 1970s with the advent of the personal PC, when another programming language with roots at MIT — Logo — allowed young people to draw shapes by steering a turtle around a screen by typing out commands. But the path to mastering most programming languages has been strewn with obstacles, since students needed to figure out not only the underlying logic but also master a brand new syntax, observe strict rules about semicolons and bracket use, and figure out what was causing error messages even as they learned the program. By contrast, Scratch — a free download at — is easy enough for kindergarten-age children to use.

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