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The Internet

Submission + - New Northern Arizona Univ. Internet policy 2

An anonymous reader writes: I'm a student at NAU, and just today I told to use a software called SafeConnect that will monitor my computer for violations to the terms of Use (which follows)
"Internet Use Policy

All computers attached to the Campus Network must have appropriate software running on their machine to ensure a secure environment for all users. Campus Network will provide the monitoring software to ensure compliance with this policy. The software will assist students in maintaining their computer's in the manner prescribed by Campus Network . Software needed to ensure a secure environment will include:

                * Campus Network approved anti-virus software
                * The most current security patch software for your operating system(s).
                * Monitoring software to ensure that copyrighted files are not freely shared over the internet.
                *Other software as periodically deemed appropriate by Campus Network to ensure a safe and secure Internet and Intranet for all students and faculty.

In addition, bandwidth consumption is monitored to prevent inappropriate use of university resources (for example, setting up a public web site from a dormitory room). Students are asked not to exceed 1 GB of bandwidth use per week. No enforcement will occur at present, however we will be monitoring use and taking more affirmative action if there is wide violation of this policy.

The use of the Campus Internet Service is a privilege that may be revoked at any time for inappropriate behavior. Such behavior would include but not be limited to the use of obscene, abusive, or otherwise objectionable language and/or materials in either public or private messages.

The primary purpose of the Campus Network is to support students' educational goals. In support of these goals, the following activities are prohibited with express written consent of Campus Network . Participating in these activities may result in revocation of Campus Network without refund and possible University judicial action and/or criminal charges.

        * Setting up a router and building a private subnet.
        *Setting up any type of information server such as a web, gopher, e-mail, game, etc.
        *Propagating e-mail chain letters.
        *Forging mail.
        *Allowing unauthorized persons access to Campus Network .
        *Using Campus Network for personal financial gain.
        *Copying University-owned or licensed information to another computer without prior written approval.
        *Copyrighted files and software cannot be shared over the Campus Network .
        *Modifying or attempting to modify University-owned or licensed information including software and data.
        *Attempting to damage or disrupt networking services.
        *Using the Campus Network , the University'(TM)s campus-wide network, or related resources in the commission of a crime.
        *Using traffic intensive applications that may cause problems within the network or diluting the level of service to other users. No print servers, mail servers, FTP servers, etc. are allowed. The network sharing of any computer-related device or materials that may cause excessive network traffic is forbidden.

The user is not allowed to share her/his RJ45 Ethernet port with more than one computer/device at the same time. This prohibition includes any use of hubs and/or switches which would permit the user to connect more than one computer/device to the RJ45 Ethernet port and share the port with others or herself/himself.

The user will abide by all policies and statues included in the Computer Crimes Act. Crimes against this Act will result in University judicial action and/or investigation by the University Police Department for criminal offense. The Act includes offenses against intellectual property; offenses against computer equipment and supplies; and offenses against computer access. The Computer Crimes Act is available at each area office."

Want I wonder is this legal, and is there any way to fight this new policy, i understand some of it but what I don't like is this gives them access to all my private messages and accounts

Blu-ray Update Sent To User Via Credit Card Records 526

wmoyes writes "Back in September I ran into a Best Buy store to buy a Samsung BD-P2550 Blu-ray player. I didn't give the clerk my name, telephone number, or address, just my debit card. The player has sat happily in my living room without ever being networked or registered. Today I was shocked to find a package waiting for me at home from Best Buy — inside was a firmware update CD for the player. I used to think Windows Update was scary, but Samsung's update service tracked me to my house using the mag stripe from my bank card. Has this happened to any other Blu-ray owners?" Or is there a simpler explanation?

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