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Comment Re:Thanks to (Score 0) 80

Well, I am saying that YOUR [561790's] post "is a complete waste of everyone's time". Not even a nod to substance or relevance. Can't even say there is a discussion to regard as pointless and closed.

If you had nothing to say, why didn't you just say nothing?

Comment Re:Let them eat Tweets! (Score 1) 1453

I think I largely agree with you, but I can't tell if HornWumpus is making his point badly or just trolling. I would say that the communists certainly could invade and conquer Taiwan if they wanted to, but there would be a real cost and they would have to evaluate the benefits, including the effects on "domestic politics" in their peculiarly anti-partisan one-party system.

They could even imagine making a profit out of the invasion, but that obviously depends on not destroying too much infrastructure and a belief that the majority of the people on Taiwan would accept the new situation. An expensive insurgency could absorb all of the potential profits for as long as it lasts. On that aspect, they are obviously much more capable than we are of assessing the popular sentiment of their fellow Chinese.

Having said that, they might be able to invade relatively inexpensively by merely filling the next batch of cargo ships with soldiers rather than cargo. If they land and successfully seize the ports in a surprise attack, then they could quickly ferry a few million soldiers over and have quite substantial beachheads. I'm not even sure if the relative air forces would matter if the communists pulled a surprise with clouds of cheap drones...

There is a really important time-related factor, too. There was a known date for Hong Kong and they just had to wait. Taiwan has no schedule and they do NOT want to wait forever. They may well see #PresidentTweety's apprenticeship as the golden opportunity they've been waiting for.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1453

I think you are feeding a troll. I used to wonder if they were sincerely stupid, proudly ignorant, or paid to fake it, in which case they should be congratulated for cashing in on their lack of social skills. These days I just wish Slashdot were making some progress towards making them less visible. ANY other use of my time and attention is better.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1453

Good comment and I'd give you the 5th insightful point if I ever got a mod.

You didn't mention the detail that he doesn't even have the guts to put his name on his dump. The abuse of anonymity has become part of the sickness of our Internet-centric society. Personal reputation matters, but not to ACs or #PresidentTweety.

There's an interesting philosophic debate about why bad things happen to good people, but no one has to ask why good things happen to bad people. They are using their badness to get the good things.

Comment Re:As a fellow European (Score 1) 1453

The moderation is hopelessly broken and I suspect that a lot of the points are coming from sock puppets. It could be fixed by linking earned reputation to the system, but there is no sign of progress.

Oh, and I think it should be logarithmic. If so, then +5 funny would mean e^5 mod points... (Yeah, I favor the natural log, too.)

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1453

Well reasoned and deserving its insightful moderation. Let me predict your comment will not be taken as an invitation to reasoned dialog. Actually, I'm cheating because I could see the first of the responses before clicking to add mine.

Just add my story of having a few drinks with a couple of Hillary haters. Short form is they each believed a fake news story. Different ones, but one of the advantages of fake news is that you get to believe whatever you want to believe. Another major advantage of fake news is that the production costs are much lower.

America has been had. I'm pretty sure the main result of #PresidentTweety will be to make China great again.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1453

Don't you mean Siber War? Like the Cyberian Candidate?

Just playing with the word games, but I think it be a Freudian slippage thing from #PresidentTweety's perspective. Oh, I sure hope they don't take away his Twitter account.

Actually, I think the most likely war will be China provoked into occupying North Korea and failing to stop until they have South Korea and Taiwan, too, for dessert. Time for China to be GREAT again. Back to normal after a couple of bad centuries, eh?

Comment Re:Get over it! (Score 1) 1453

You forgot to mention the partisan obstructionism of the so-called Republican Party. The same guys who are warning us we better NOT do the same sort of stuff to #PresidentTweety.

As if the Democrats could. No votes and no guts. No intestinal fortitude, if you prefer.

You were right to challenge the "insight" of the earlier comment, but the moderation system on Slashdot is terminally broken. No signs of progress or improvements. Ditto Fake News Nation under the leadership of the new president-for-life.

Comment Re:Thanks to (Score -1) 80

Not saying the poll is a bad idea, but about that timing... Didn't anything more interesting happen recently?

Maybe something about Fake News Nation and president-for-life #PresidentTwitty the apprentice in chief?

Anyway, it's the wireless data caps that annoy me. If the big ISPs and the government didn't insist on controlling the network, then we would have a completely distributed wireless network with the ISPs and backbone providers just refreshing the local caches. Especially for viral content, the data would primarily be served from locally cached copies.

Comment Let them eat Tweets! (Score 1) 1453

Another appearance of umbrage related to #PresidentTweety?

As in TUSAD (Trump-Umbrage Stress Anxiety Disorder)?

I will be SO disappointed if he actually starts acting presidential because they finally manage to take away his Twitter account.

Then again, his handlers may have to do it when he provokes China into invading Taiwan. The so-called Republicans will have to insist on SOMETHING in exchange for not impeaching him, right?

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1453

For that deservedly funny post, "Geek of all tirades" would be better for the sig.

You are in violation of Godwin's law, however. I claim an exception because I used to know Mike moderately well before he got all nasty and lawyerish. There really is a time [travel] for Nazi comparisons, but the law short-circuits such discussions. Yet another paradox?

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