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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal Journal: #78, Terry Fox, Smallville 5

Yeah, surprise surprise I was #78 on the (yes I know it's old news) fotokon thingamajig. I haven't posted for a while because of workload at work, and the dedicated time to play WoW. The first picture was at Edmonton Mall at some comic book guy store that had tons of cardboard cutouts of characters from different movies. The second was in Banff in an icecream store that had cows all over the place.

For some historical +informative stuff... Terry Fox started his famous run today. I remember in school we had to run laps around the school, and I hated it. Never understood why, just had to run and what really made me angry was that we also had to ask everyone for money to run. Lose lose situation I thought. Wikipedia has a great write-up on him. (go winnipeg).

Anyone here watching Smallville? I'm at episode 10 and wow what a season. That blink/teleporter girl was kinda hot, and now that *SPOILER LOOK AWAY NOW*

Chloe knows Clark is a freak.... what's going to happen??? I really like the Lois Lane character and the chemistry between Clark and Lois is great :).

Anyone else wanna play with these? Like come on... Jesus is not going to be a caucasian with blue eyes. Oh well...back to work...
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal Journal: Meh make Warcraft work :( 5

One of the only nights I actually have a couple of hours to waste away ... the serverS (yes the 3 servers I play on) had to be down :(. Meh whine whine whine... omg i'm addicted.

For those that play here are my chars:

Alleria - Human Priest Level 53 'Shabbas'
Thunderhorn - Tauren Shaman Level 37 'Shabbas'
Laughing Skull - Undead Priest Level 29 'Shirlexi', Undead Mage Level 21 'Shabbas', Orc Shaman Level 10 'Sparkies'

Ah... so what to do... well stoolpigeon had a great link for this purepwnage movie that featured some guy discovering WoW. Funny if you play the same char as the guy but sad :/. Funny music video but I thought the movie took too long.

OH yeah our city is the host city for the Junos but not really interested in the media elite and the hoity toity attitudes they bring with them. The GF and I are thinking of heading over to the states to do some cross border shopping. (Can't get Cherry 7up, Cheese in a Can, Combos or other unhealthy snacks here in Canada :) ).

Journal Journal: Sarah Slean, Speedball, Slurpee Bubble Tea! 8

Went to see Sarah Slean yesterday at the West End Cultural Centre (scored free tickets from GF's work). First off, our West End Cultural Centre is the theatre for the more 'off-beat' / 'weirdo' stuff that's out there. It's a very good venue as the acoustics are great and the atmosphere (although very left-leaning in political culturish speaking terms) is very cozy. The special guests were interesting talent as well. Jeremy Fisher sang about 5 songs. His sound reminds me of home made bread fresh from the oven and his guitar work was dazzling. Jorane was very interesting but not something I'd be into. She plays cello and her sound was haunting and when playing the deeper base parts of her music I was reminded of oriental fight films. Can't really explain it, but she'd be good music for a movie like Kill Bill. Sarah Slean was an interesting pianist. Although she was trained classically, her posture was ackward and was interesting to watch. I don't remember any of the songs anymore but altogether was a great show. I heard the show tonight is sold out. Note: I think I saw Fred Penner at the theatre last night :).

Last weekend my cousin had his birthday celebrated at SpeedWorld. Much faster than regular go-kart and unfortunately for my first race my car wasn't up to speed, and the second time I put my neckbrace on too tight and had a hard time breathing the last two laps. The karts are fast and the track was well thought out (although would be nice if it was larger). If I were to continue go-karting here I would definitely need to invest in a new helmet. Anyone out there Go-kart?

After the Sarah Slean concert, the gf and I went to Vi-Ann vietnamese restaurant and had some dindin. It's been a while since we had Bubble Tea, but we ordered some and realized they updated their cups to 'flex'. Very good change. Previous to this 'flex' cup, they used a standard plastic cup which tended to crease and freeze the ice crystals together conjealing the drink experience. (Yes in Winnipeg, we love our bubble tea's cold and slushy unlike the rest of the world which drinks Bubble tea in a liquid format). Anyway I had the coconut and gf had the lychee. I still prefer the natural taste of young coconut but alas I had to settle for regular coconut but it tasted pretty good. The lychee flavoured one was too sweet for my taste. Anyone out there drink bubble tea the same way? :)
First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal Journal: Operation Painball Complete 6

My foray into the airsoft world at XTreme Tactics has proven successful. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I may participate again.

To my delight I was able to use my paintball mask (JT Flex Crossfire) to the event, but I am worried that the repeat use of my mask may prove expensive in the lens-replacement area. I went with the Mp5 package which actually held less ammo than the M16, but being a submachine gun was easier to grip and hold. I think if possible, I am going to rent a handgun as the place was mostly close counter/urban environment and shooting a rifle was harder around corners and such.

We were outfitted with a vest (curiously with an open face chest area), mask (which I did not use due to my JT X-fire), holster and helmet. My team was tan coloured, and the other was blue. The briefing, expertly and humourously handled by one of the owners Gordon (sp) was one of the better briefings I have had to experience. quotes: "We give you 4 mags. We expect 4 mags back. If you don't come back with 4 mags, we shoot you in the neck. Then we get you to look for it. Then we shoot you in the neck again."All this time, most of us had our eyes fixated at the long sniper rifle that he had told us shot at double (probably an exaggeration) the FPS of our guns.

Thank you kormoc for the links, and someone was actually using a P90 (he said he spent like $800 or something). The store owners (only in operation for less than 5 months) already have the GC32 or something or another which looks like a the newer army issue stuff.

Journal Journal: In case I am seriously injured... 10

and cannot type, I thought I should at least document my adventure in Airsoft play.

This Sunday a group of people from work have decided to visit: Extreme Tactics. Not sure what weapon I will choose. The shotgun sounds interesting, but I'd rather snipe from far than take return fire (from an opposing shotgun). Way different from Paintball [which I'm used to and have played many times with my own custom built spyder]. I just have bad feeling I will be shot on my hand.

Anyone else out there ever play Airsoft?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Coo Coo for Cocoa Christ 6

Found this link to an article talking about some company working on alternate recipes for the communion wafers for church via Fark. Raised catholic I almost died laughing at the comment page. Besides the subject line:
  • My Eucharist has a first name; it's J-E-S-U-S. My Eucharist has a second name; it's C-H-R-I-S-T. Oh, I love to eat it every day, and if you ask me why, I'll saaaaaaaaaaay, cause Jesus Christ has a way with E-U-C-H-A-R-I-S-T.
  • Christ, the other white meat.
  • Jesus in the morning, Jesus in the evening, Jesus at supper time, when Jesus is on a bagel, you can have Jesus anytime!
  • Silly Rabbi, Christ is for kids.
  • Communion Kids - 10,000,000 strong - and growing!
  • Christ - It's what's for dinner.
  • But only true believers get to experience the aftertaste
  • mmmmm . . . Sacrilicious!

*sigh* :)

United States

Journal Journal: Oh you funny Americans... WoW... Las Vegas... 9

Wow, if this is what Americans think of Canada how unfortunate :(.

I actually tend to lean right on most political issues, but sometimes the far right really seems to go a little extreme. Oh well.

The addiction that is WoW is disturbing. The game has far exceeded my expectations and I don't understand how I even enjoyed playing SWG when I had played it for so many months. For those out there in /. land I am on: Alleria:Alliance:Human Priest Level 45 [miner/skinner], Thunderhorn:Horde:Tauren Shaman Level 29 [alchemist/herbalist], Laughing Skull:Horde:Undead Mage Level 18 [tailor/skinner]. Name = 'shabbas' on all servers to keep consistent.

Just recently got back from Vegas and had a great trip. I would like to go there again, and this time I'll know how to use transit instead of walking the entire 3-4 mile feet torture that is 'The Strip'. I also know better than to walk away from the Fremont Street Experience and walk into the seedier hotels. Wow what a difference :). Had fun, ate a lot and enjoyed the sights and sounds that is Sin City. Was actually impressed that Imperial Palace wasn't a dive and very convenient for our (my brother and I) purposes. Got sick at AdventureDome @ Circus Circus learning that I am now too old for roller coasters. I now know the better time to go would be late March or April when the swimming pools are open.

Been trying to keep up with the JEs, but due to the free subscription and additional 'friend links', I am getting overwhelmed with JE entries. Additionally, work has been so busy I haven't had time to read most.
User Journal

Journal Journal: StalinsNotDead = R0x0r, WoW, Christmas... 2

Thank you StalinsNotDead for the gift subscription. I can now add 200 more friends on this thing... yay more JEs to read and procrastinate.

World of Warcrack is definitely taking up more of my time. I am developing two characters that are on two 'Normal' servers. I will start a PvP character once I understand the world map. One is a L34 Priest (shadow spec'd) on the Alleria server. The other is currently a level 15 Tauren Shaman on Thunderhorn. I really like the support role and being the priest is quite entertaining with its shadow spells. The Shaman seems like a class that may need to be nerfed in the future, but time will tell. #1 thing I like about the game is the 'rest xp'. If I don't play a character for a while, my character earns rest XP, so the next time I login, I earn 50% more XP. Great for a casual player and great for someone who creates multiple characters, logs them off, and plays them in alternate fashion :).

It's friggin' cold here in Winnipeg. It's going to be -40C with the windchill tonight, so unlike most people out there, I plugged in my car. Here in Canada (well at least in Winnipeg), our cars have block heaters where we all plug in our cars when it goes below -25C. I'm sure my Honda civic (and no i'm not a ricer) can start in -40C without the plug, but I'm not taking any chances. Anyways.... WoW patch is almost done... later.
Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: WoW - Launched 8

Yay got my Collector's Edition WoW package and boy it's beautiful. Currently installing, so have the few minutes to write about it.

The book of art is beautiful. Those guys at Blizzard are definitely talented. The cloth map reminds me of when I first purchased Ultima 7 the black gate, (and it came with a cloth map and a sextant i think). Quality stuff. I really like how the package came with a Game DVD and Game CDs. Having one dvd to install the entire thing sure speeds stuff up. Not sure what pet i'm going to get right now, but I have the choice of a panda, zergling or Diablo (of Diablo II fame). What else is there... hrm... oh yeah. Anyone out there playing? I think tmrj will be playing, but I don't think the servers are numbered this time. I think I will be creating several characters though so it doesn't matter. boy oh boy :) WEEE.

Saw a few movies and a few tv shows in the last week or so.

Bridget Jones Diary 2 - Sigh... well... I think Renee Zellweger looked fatter in this one, and I think the director or whoever is behind the art of the movie intentionally made her wear tighter fitting clothes. Hugh Grant is probably the swarmimest (is that even a word) but funny character. It had its funny moments, but one scene in regards to a skip trip gone wrong had already been done by John Ritter on three's company a couple decades ago. I guess if you're a Bridget Jone's diary fan, it's worth it to go.

Desperate Housewives - Wow that MILF is hot. Mind you, she doesn't have kids, but WOW! I guess most chicks would dig that teenager guy, but he does *NOT* look 16. *whatever*. Anyway, Teri Hatcher looks better in this show too. I remember seeing her in a commercial for Radio Shack and geezus she was looking bad. I really thought she was hot when I watched Lois and Clark back in the days. too bad they screwed that show. I remember my ex telling me that Dean Cain was the hottest man on earth. (whatever happened to him?).

Smallville - A couple of episodes ago they had a witch episode, and OMG the three chickas were hooooot. WOO. Kristin Kreuk is hot. Man. I really like how they're pulling all this stuff together. It'll be interesting how they're going to retire Dr. Swann and get Margo Kidder to continue the other character.

Lost - Wow this show is great. Spooky with very interesting characters. ABC has a hit with this one.

All these shows are available on

Looks like my installation is completing... time to go play... no sleep here I come...
GameCube (Games)

Journal Journal: Rubik Cube Horror Story, WoW Beta anyone else out there? 3

Maybe I like reading people's stories of punishment, but I thought this posting was hilarious.

Anyway I think I'm sold on WoW. Several people from SWG land and Warcraft 3 land will be playing together, and I think the only problem with the game right now are minor and can get fixed before the launch date. I believe the game is ready for launch, and will definitely steal my time.

My current watch list:
  • At higher levels, some creatures always evade your attack.
  • Lag issues. Mind you, I'm not surprised. 500,000 sign ups, 40 servers? Yeah you'll get lag.
  • I liked how in SWG the mini map was part of the background. Maybe I've been too lazy but I really like knowing where I am and I have really bad short term memory.
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal Journal: WoW Open Beta, X-men Legends, GTA- Vice City, Incredibles. 6

So my download for the WoW (World of Warcraft) beta finally downloaded (stupid BitTorrent downloader :( ). Alas, I do not have a WoW account :(. All that waiting for nothing. Oh well... the game looks pretty sweet and although more cartoony, my computer would need a massive upgrade to be able to operate EQ2.

Rented X-Men Legends for the X-box a couple of days ago. Not too bad. Quite interesting actually having a Gauntlet type RPG game with the xmen characters. Not sure if I *really* like it though. It's nice and all, but it's just not a game I would be playing for a while. I really like how they made the xmen mansion and how the chars can 'team-up' and use their powers together. Not sure if I like the top down playstyle all the time though.

Recently purchased GTAIII & GTA Vice City double pak for a bargain $35. I only played GTAIII briefly for the PS2, and I never really given the game a lot of time. I thought it was impressive with its freeform and the ability to just do about anything. Vice City... wow. What a game! When I'm completing an assassination mission I'm *JUMPING* in excitement running away from the police as I watch the AI try to capture me or kill me as I accumulate police stars. I've already succumbed to getting some of the cheat codes, but sometimes you just really want to drive cars fast, cause accidents and create chaos :).

Incredibles. Must See Pixar Movie. I don't want to discuss details, but most people have already said it was great. I really liked how the voices behind the characters were characters unlike how in Shark Tale the characters were trying to be like the voices behind them. Pixar doesn't disappoint. Anyways... time to level up in War3.
Star Wars Prequels

Journal Journal: A better trailer... (for the action fans) for SW: III 1

I'm sure most Starwars fans already know this, but if you don't check out the trailer out at LucasArts: here and see the trailer for the *GAME* for the movie. Gameplay looks cool, and what's most important is that I bet some of the scenes they show in the game are scenes from the movie :).

Journal Journal: "Drawn Together" the best Reality TV show evah! 2

Has anyone seen this show? Oh my god! Generally it's a animated reality tv show w/ super heroes as its participants. Rated Mature this is *NOT* a kid's cartoon :). If anyone actually needs the torrent files let me know and I'll email ya 'em.

Torrent names are:

Yeah I didn't vote... but that's cuz I'm o'er here in the great white north. My dad was quite happy that Bush won. If I were to vote I would have leaned on Kerry's side but that's cuz I wasn't very fond of how the U.S. was running. Regardless, I don't think the president has much to do with what's currently going on with Canada vs. US relations. The softwood lumber tariff, beef ban, and the pork tariffs were supported by both candidates anyways. Sucks how there's NAFTA and there really isn't much free trade going on.

Saw the SWIII trailer. Wow. I didn't necessarily love the SWI and SWII, but I still thought they were great. Darth Maul was da r0x0rs but there wasn't much of him, and Yoda fighting was exciting. I think most people are right that the movies would have been better if there was proper direction and dialogue. Imagine if in the first movie they took out the silly jarjar meesa gonna die crap, and replaced it with a young anakin... silent... not talking a word... just stares... spooky... with a strange aura of darkness... And if in the second one they took out the love scenes and made queen padme fall after the dark hardy type (heck I think that's why the original trilogy was so great... the darkness of people... like how Solo was a smugger... but blah blah i'm rambling).

Anyways go TIVO, BitTorrent, whatever that show. You won't regret it if you love comics, starwars or other cartoons like Family guy or Futurerama.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal Journal: Jon Stewart pwns Crossfire... lol!!1111! kekekekeke woot! 15

Jon Stewart is the man.
Does anyone have a torrent out there for this one? (I hardly have enough time to catch the Daily Show and I procrastinate too much to plan to tape the show so yeah... i suck... err... sux0rs. :(

Update FarkComments

Update#2:BITTORRENTED at: here

Final Las Vegas reservations coming soon. I think I'm definitely going to the Aladdin.

Meme - What file extension are you?
You are .gif Sometimes you are animated, but usually you just sit there and look pretty."
Meme: Courtesy of insanecarbonbasedlif

Journal Journal: Request: Las Vegas Tips 15

Hello /. Circle (if anyone reads my JE that is)

Looking for any help in getting a good deal in Vegas. Here's my prerequisites:
  • Departure City: Winnipeg
  • Arrival City: Las Vegas
  • Dates: January 9 - January 16 (very flexible on departure and arrival (+1/-1 day even)
  • Will need return tickets.
  • Willing to stay off the strip but know that staying on the strip costs a little more $ but is way more convenient.

I'm interested in watching some live shows in Vegas. The shows I'm interested in are:

  • Cirque de Soleil at the Bellagio - Holy crap $150 tickets for Orchestra seating? I think I'll scale back and order tickets early at the $125 rows. Damn expensive tickets.
  • the Blue Man Group at Luxor - Heard only good things about this show, and I believe some of you even have their music on your playlist! Really interested in getting tickets for this one.
  • Penn and Teller - Apparently a funny comedy magic show? Haven't seen them on the comedy channel yet so I'm not even sure if I'd like this type of comedy.
  • Mamma Mia - Expensive tickets to this one. Might skip it if I see this show here in Winnipeg (yes we get Broadway musicals in this city too... and thank god they're only $100 tops to go).
  • Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo - Since Siegfried and Roy are gone, I think this is the only high profile magic show, but I think I might skip this one.
  • The RA Nightclub - Not really a show but apparently the 'happening' nightclub. Front of the line tickets for this nightclub are $30. WTF? Anyone know if it's that good? I've heard rumors that front of the line tickets are a scam anyways.

It's been a while since I've been to Vegas, and when I did go, I was under 21 so I really didn't have that great of a time. Mind you, it was fun to play video games at Circus Circus and play Mortal Kombat for the very first time (yes that long ago :/ ).

I believe I read a JE done by Em Emalb and by searching /. there have been people that have been to the stratosphere and the star trekkie hilton.

I'm leaning towards these hotels:

  • The Aladdin - Only problem is that I've been reading that they're changing this casino to a planet hollywood, and I never really liked the planet hollywood theme or restaurant (overpriced, under servived, overrated).
  • Imperial Palace - The asian theme seems interesting, and the scene in Austin Powers with Alotta Fagina makes this place memorable. I've been reading reviews, and it doesn't seem to be a place to stay unless your willing to get what you pay for.
  • Tropicana - I can't seem to reserve a Jacuzzi suite here (they seem really good). Knowing that this place has a 90 degree heated pool in the winter (time I'm going) is inviting. I've been reading reviews that some of the rooms are worn, but when I really think about it, I won't be spending a lot of time in the room.

Here are some good links that I have found but cannot trust 100% - This one is a funny review site talking in my kind of language (who else would talk about the free stuff you get in the bathrooms like shampoo, soaps, etc :) - A site that seems to spin the positive on everything Vegas.

Thanks for reading and if you have *any* insight or tips please leave them. Any help would be appreciated! :)

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