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Submission + - Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac (Beta) Leaked

jan_mate writes: Well that didn't take long. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac (Beta) leaked to torrent trackers, few months before they were officially released. It comes in at around 465 MB (universal binary) and can be found pretty much everywhere. At the core, many improvements have been made to the user interface, features and usability in comparison with Microsoft Office 2004.

Submission + - Cellphone answering machine DRM? (

iCantSpell writes: "When I configured my cellphone answering machine I had a song for a recording instead of my voice. Deciding to change my answering machine pickup, using (free streams yay) to record over the old mailbox message. I pressed 1 and listened to it, sounds fine and working. Few hours later some friends were telling me my answering machine was jacked up. I went back to the answering machine configuration and tried to listen to the current recording. Come to my surprise it sounds like garbage, literally, sounds of what I think are cans and lord knows what. Thinking no problem I'll just re-record it, it occured several times before I just gave up. The only difference from the old and the new answering machine recording is the old one was recorded from a mp3 file and the new one was via napster. Just makes no since to me. I was (still am) thinking some intrusive DRM. Any other explanations maybe?"

Submission + - Microsoft ask for votes to support OOXML

An anonymous reader writes: I live in Mexico and today received a call from a Microsoft representative to be part of the commission in my country to vote for the approval of Office Open XML (OOXML). After talked with this representative I found something interesting... if you tell them that you will support them you will receive the documentation to 'enroll' you in the 'committee' and make all the arrangements with the National Chamber for IT and Telecommunications (I don't know what they will do if you refuse to support them but I'm thinking about it ...). So here is my question. Is this happening in other countries? Have any other slashdotters received similar calls?

Submission + - Best MP3(-only) player? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I'm in the market for a new MP3 player. I won't be using it to look at photos or watch tv, but I would like it to work natively with linux. I don't really care for the iPod or the Zune. The market seems flooded with cheap mp3-only players, but I am suspicious of their quality. What do you think is the best mp3-only player?

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