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Submission + - refuses to serve disabled customer

Kenny writes: "Hi there, just recently, I tried to purchase a software license online. For payment (CC processing), the developer works with, an eCommerce outsourcing company. Upon entering my CC details, I received a confirmation eMail telling me that my order is "on hold" and "being reviewed". A few minutes later, I received another eMail telling me that "the phone verification process of my order failed". When writing back that they need to find another way of verification because I am deaf, they told me they are "unable to complete my order". Great way of doing business, aint it? Maybe they expect that people like me sit in their beds, slobbering, and have others do their business for them...?"

Submission + - Big Brother is Wikipedian (

An anonymous reader writes: Are google employees taking over wikipedia and controlling it, and do Google Employee pages even belong on Wikipedia? How many Wikipedia admins are google employees?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Slashdot is broken

Anonymous Coward writes: "It appears that Slashdot's search function is down and not going to be fixed anytime soon. The error "Sorry, search is down at the moment. Until it's back up, you may wish to search Slashdot through Google:" comes up when trying to search by topic. However, the error has been occuring or many days ... not just for a "moment"."
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Journal Journal: The Northern Rock paradox 1

So, after Northern Rock bank announced it needed an emergency loan from the Bank of England to sort out its cashflow problems, depositors have been clamouring to withdraw money from their accounts (some with substantial amounts of money - the BBC interviewed one customer who had just withdrawn £150,000 (US$300,000)).


Submission + - First Invertibrate Extinction in 50 years

float_on writes: A group has concluded that the Yangtze river dolphins are now extinct. The Baiji were a unique animal that was on its own evolutionary branch for over 20 Million years. They list the primary cause as unregulated fishing. Anthropogenic global warming may still be a contentious issue, however our role in extinctions of this kind is more difficult to dispute. Although this specie was highly specialized in its environment, the participation of humans in its demise is worrisome and hopefully not indicative of things to come.

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