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Submission + - How can a 16 year old get a job in IT?

psmaster writes: I am an A+ certified 16 year old, going on 17. I am currently studying for Security+ and then Network+. I attend a technical school for half the day to learn all that I can. My question is a simple one: How can I get a decent part-time job working in the field? I have plenty of hands-on experience with fixing and troubleshooting computers and networks. I know, some might say to just do odd jobs for friends, but I am looking for a more steady income and most of my friends want the "friend discount". Any help would be much appreciated.
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Submission + - Users tried to spot half a million places (placespotting.com)

mafussen writes: "PlaceSpotting is a new site for Google Maps fanatics. It incorporates Google Maps as a tool to letting users solve map quizzes. Basically, the site's idea is to give users an image of a location as spotted in Google Maps, and the user's job is to find its approximate location — longitude and latitude — using a Google Maps window. When a location is specified, PlaceSpotting indicates whether it's the correct solution or not. Users can rate riddles, search for them in many ways, and create them. There is also an iGoogle plugin which users of the service can add. The service is off to a terrific start and has already started to collect a community with 500,000 riddles opened and 55,000 solved. A YouTube video show how the site works."

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