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Comment Re:I-Beams (Score 1) 204

Making the phone thicker also results in more material use.

Which I'm sure is a great concern to a company which used to mill a laptop case out of a solid aluminium block.

You do realize that the material removed isn't discarded, right? It goes right back into the forge for next week's aluminum block.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 1) 263

Funny, I didn't get modded off-topic. The whole thread is tangential to the games platform discussion. If you want to pull it beck to that, riddle me this: how many different partitions/Microsoft OS's will a user need to install on their new game machine to enable access to all of the Microsoft-heritage software they desire? On today's PC's, it's two. On Scorpio, it's likely to be three. And that's at least one too many.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 1) 263

You're the only one who made Windows backward compatibility the focal point. The discussion was regarding x86 PC hardware backward compatibility. You are simply trying to move goalposts.

Then you completely missed my point. sure, X86 is backwards compatible, and sure, you can install DOS as your OS. Just how productive are you going to be at every task *other* than the one you need DOS for? My point, in calling it a distinction without a difference, is that the majority of the folks running on X86 are doing it with a Modern Windows OS. If that OS arbitrarily disables the CPU's ability to execute 16-bit code, then installing a different OS on a separate partition is just one example of "flaming hoops." I'm not moving the goalposts, I am putting the hardware into the context of how it is typically deployed.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 2) 263

Hell, I can still install and run DOS natively on the latest Core i7 series CPUs. What little kids like "phresno" don't get is that backward compatibility is and always has been one of the strengths of x86 PCs.

Yeah, it's SO backwards-compatible, you only need to jump through FOUR flaming hoops to run a 16-bit installer.

Submission + - Delta Airlines Central Computers Down (cnn.com)

An anonymous reader writes: According to the current CNN.COM: Delta Airlines computing hub Atlanta is down and all Delta departures are grounded. Cause not yet announced. The system Delta usually uses to let passengers use other airlines is part of the outage.

Comment Re:A wasted vote... (Score 2) 993

Maybe they can even bring Ken Starr out of mothballs, if he is still alive.

You're joking, right? Yes, he's alive, and karma has come back to bite him in the @$$. He was just fired as President of Baylor University, where he attempted to cover up sexual assaults committed by Varsity football players.

Comment Re:T-Mobile Tuesdays (Score 1) 59

Someone has a bone to pick with T-Mobile...the free Lyft ride and Wendy's frosty have absolutely nothing to do with Net Neutrality or adding Pokemon Go data to binge on. They are weekly gifts through their T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways which they've had for I don't even know how long, but long before now.

For about a month. There's also a free Vudu rental every week. They already terminated the free medium pizza at Domino's (after two weeks), because too many customers were actually redeeming the offer.

Comment Re:net neutrality (Score 2) 59

That really depends if Pokemon start mysteriously appearing in Starbucks, or if you get ads for places in your vicinity. The game monetizes your activities as well as in-app purchases (which could also be tied to real-world promotions based on location). Therefore it is east to see a profit motive for Nintendo and for any network provider who cuts themselves a deal in return for some revenue.

They've already announced that in ~30 days, every McDonald's in the US will be a Pokemon gym.

Comment Re:Plenty of experience (Score 5, Insightful) 112

Here's a clue: you're not managing them. You might be their "supervisor," assigning them to projects, signing their timesheets, etc., but this is a simple matrix structure, and the Project Managers are managing them. You should be working with these PM's to hear about performance issues or praise, training requirements, vacation plans, etc.

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