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Comment Re:Same for retina checks (Score 1) 119

The same is true for retina print (eye print) checks. It does take a better camera (20M pixel), and it may require a brief *infrared* flash (so you will *not* notice it), but it will allow one to copy the retina prints from everyone looking in the camera's direction, and they are most often good enough to confuse retina scanners into accepting a false eye as valid.

Biometry may be useful as a 2FA/3FA, but it really isn't "safe" by itself.

Uh, that would be iris scans, right? If someone is reading your retina, it's not from more than a couple of centimeters in front of your eye.

Comment Everything I know about uranium-lead dating... (Score 3, Interesting) 140

...I learned from watching "Creature From the Black Lagoon." That movie has surprisingly accurate science for a Universal monster flick. Double-checking fossil age estimates against the surrounding rock. Whoa, I didn't catch that when I was eight! The leading-man "good guy" scientist is searching for additional information about the transition from water-breathers to air-breathers in the evolutionary record for tidbits that could prove useful in adapting the human body for deep-space exploration.

Comment Re:What Einstein figured out... (Score 2) 126

What Einstein already figured out is that as you approach the speed of light, in your reference, time slows down. If you reach the speed of light, time stands still.

What Einstein already figured out is what the post you replied to is alluding to. For a photon, all time is now. To the photons reaching us from this event, it is exactly the same time as when they were created. To a photon, no time passes between when it is emitted and when it is absorbed. This is one of the most spectacular implications of relativity.

(giving up my mod points to comment here) That article drops its most significant qualifying phrase halfway through the explanation, which leads to a 100% incorrect conclusion. That phrase is relative to an observer back on Earth. In Earth's frame of reference, the time experienced by the photon is zero. In the photon's frame of reference, time is proceeding normally. It "sees" that the distance to its origin is zero at time zero, and that the origin is receding at a speed of c as time passes. And that time passes normally. Of course, the theory then goes into the actual weirdness of relativity, which is that in the photon's frame of reference, time has stopped at its origin.

Comment Re:Norway switching off FM ? (Score 3, Insightful) 303

Maintenance on what, exactly? It's not like the spectrum itself requires maintenance, and I haven't heard anything saying all radio stations are funded by the government, so as long as a particular business entity can continue to see a profit, while maintaining the same transmission hardware, why shut it down at all?

Comment Re:Not sure what they're talking about (Score 1) 190

Attention morons!!!
There are two HUGE areas that ALL of these panels fail at

1) In comparison to CRT's... black level, aka contrast. Specifically 0 IRE, blacker than black. Yes there is such a terminology thing. But you wouldn't know it unless you grew up NTSC / HDTV engineer.

2) Color gamut. This is improving so I won't bitch.

NO ONE gives a fuck about 'brightness' ok, in the real world, all flat panel TV's are sufficiently bright enough, particularly in the dimmed home movie environment, and certainly for the lame daytime shows. These aren't CRT / FPTV / RPTV affected by room light. So if you are buying and perpetuating the 'brightness" panel demand, you're an idiot.

Where they suck balls is in the ability to block all light resulting in true black, then after that, in true contrast ratios.
THIS magic black and blacker than black, GENTLEMEN, is what makes a good set really pop!!!
And you can't get it with any current technology on the market until you start demanding it and throwing dollars at it.
Establishment of 4k FPTV / RPTV CRT production is possible if you demand it.

My 2k CRT projectors do this (and you can't have mine :-)

This is just wrong in so many ways. OLED can absolutely produce a true black, by turning off the pixel. With no light source, emissivity is essentially equal to the reflection from the screen. In a sufficiently-darkened room, this can be pretty darned black. Perhaps your projector is capable of a true black, but the darkest black level you'll actually see is your WHITE screen.

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