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Submission + - Judge Koh Rules: Samsung Did Not Willfully Infringe (

sfcrazy writes: In a nutshell there won't be a new trial, as Samsung wanted, because the judge thinks that the trial was fair despite allegations that the jury foreman could have been biased. She also ruled that there won't be any more money for Apple as the iPhone maker failed to prove they were 'undercompensated' by the jury. The most important ruling was that she also found that 'Samsung did not willfully' infringe'.

Submission + - Defeat For Apple, US Judge Rejects It's Design Patents (

sfcrazy writes: In one of the most dramatic, controversial and written about court cases, judge Koh has denied Apple's motion for an injunction against Samsung devices. The judge says Apple has failed to prove Samsung caused any irreparable harm to the iPhone maker.

In sum, to the limited extent that Apple has been able to show that any of its harms were caused by Samsung’s illegal conduct (in this case, only trade dress dilution), Apple has not established that the equities support an injunction. Accordingly, Apple’s motion for a permanent injunction is DENIED.


Submission + - Apple Can't Add Jelly Bean To It's Lawsuit, iPhone 5 Added (

sfcrazy writes: Apple had filed a motion to add more products to its current lawsuits, so did Samsung. Apple wanted to sneak the entire Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in the court case. If the court allowed this addition every single device running Android Jelly Bean, whether or not it was made by Samsung would be affected by the outcome of the case. The judge has denied Apple's request to add Jelly Bean to this lawsuit. The judge only allowed Galaxy Nexus, running Jelly Bean, to be added to the case and not the entire Jelly Bean the OS. Galaxy Nexus is already obsolete as it has been replaced by Nexus 4. At the same time the judge accepted Samsung's motion to add the iPhone 5 to this case.

Submission + - Did Jury Foreman Hogan Influence The Apple vs Samsung Verdict? (

sfcrazy writes: Samsung is clearly accusing Hogan in its recent filing of influencing the jury in favor of Apple. Samsung said in its filing: "Mr. Hogan's own statements to the media suffice if such a showing is required. Once inside the jury room, Mr. Hogan acted as a “de facto technical expert” who touted his high-tech experience to bring the divided jury together. Contrary to this Court's instructions, he told other jurors incorrectly that an accused device infringes a utility patent unless it is “entirely different”; that a prior art reference could not be invalidating unless that reference was “interchangeable”; and that invalidating prior art must be currently in use. He thus failed “to listen to the evidence, not to consider extrinsic facts, [and] to follow the judge’s instructions.”

Submission + - Apple To Pay Samsung $160,069 For Sanctions (

sfcrazy writes: In the ongoing Apple vs Samsung case in the court of judge Lucy Koh, there has been a lot of sanctions against each party. FOSSPatents may have drawn a picture that it was Samsung which lost all the sanctions, but the reality is something different. Since both companies had to pay for sanctions/discovery issues and both complaint about the payment a judge sat and did the maths. It turned out that Samsung beat the Apple here. Apple has to pay an amount of $160,069.00 as the sanction award from the court’s July 11 order. On the contrary Samsung will have to pay only $21,554.14 as the sanction award from the court’s April 23 order.

Submission + - Apple Refuses To Disclose When It Learned About Hogan's Previous Court Cases (

sfcrazy writes: You won't be Apple if you are not arrogant. Apple has now declined to answer Samsung's question in its motion that when did Cupertino learn about the jury foreman's previous court case with Seagate. Apple in its response says that it is not compelled to respond as it was Samsung who accused Hogan of misconduct and not Apple. Apple had threatened Samsung with the same question and Samsung told that it learned it only after Hogan started to talk to media. Does the denial mean Apple did know about it beforehand? So if Apple did know that Hogan was involved in a case with Seagate it may matter. Won't the chances of a verdict going against my opponent increase if I learn that the foreman holds grudges against my enemy? Will I want to disclose this fact and get such a foreman removed? Will I shoot at my own foot?

Submission + - Chinese Companies To Outsource Manufacturing To US (

sfcrazy writes: Chinese PC giant Lenovo is starting to move manufacturing from mainland China to mainland US, while US companies like Apple have moved their manufacturing to China. The author has taken help of satire to address the problem of outsourcing that current US leadership can't tackle. "A Lenovo spokesman told Damnocrazy on the condition of anonymity, "Labor costs in general are getting higher [in China] so we needed to look elsewhere. The US unemployment rate, and tendency of a majority of people to not question authorities creates an environment similar to that we have in China."

A good piece to chuckle on....

Prof DK Bose, economics professor at Villanova University, said he can see a boost in local manufacturing as Republicans come back in The White House. "The ban on abortions and contraceptive will create the workforce this country dearly needs. A nation is build by its people, there are not that many American people."

Lenovo said that they are building their facility in Greensboro [in North Carolina]. The facility will be equipped with the safety features that it uses in China — especially safety nets to control suicides.


Submission + - Apple To Run 'Samsung Did Not Copy iPad' Ad In UK: Loses Case Against Samsung ( 1

sfcrazy writes: Apple has lost is appeal in a UK court against Samsung's Galaxy Tab. The court of appeals has upheld its previous judgment that Samsung did not infringe on any Apple design. According to the order Apple will have to run an ads in leading UK newspapers as well its own website stating that Samsung did not infringes its products. To ensure that the ad is visible the court also ordered that the text of the ad must not be in a font size smaller than Ariel 14. Apple will have to run the ad on its site for a period of one month.

Submission + - Mitt Romney Has No Clue About How The IT World Works (

sfcrazy writes: The Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has proved again that he has no clue about how things work in the real world. The outsourcing of hardware manufacturing was one question that was raised during the second presidential debate. Mitt says its because China stole our IP and they even have fake Apple Stores there. That is not true Mr Romney, if you have any clue about what the reality is. What has a fake Apple Store got to do with Apple manufacturing in China? What has 'stealing IP' (if Mr Romney even knows what IP’s he is talking about) to do with cheap labor? How does that IP bring the cost of manufacturing down? The primary driver is labor costs as the iPad and iPhone are assembled with hands and the Chinese population creates a huge work force which is willing to work for dimes. It has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with IP or stealing. Mitt Romney is playing a stupid card which he thinks ill-informed Americans will fall for.

Come on Mr Romney, do you think those 12 year old Chinese kids are hiding the US IP in their pockets and manufacture iPads at their homes because they 'stole' American IP?


Submission + - Samsung Did Not Try To Copy The iPhone Design - evidence (

sfcrazy writes: Thanks to judge Koh, who ordered to unseal the documents, you can now see that email which was used by Apple to show that Samsung was having internal meeting about copying the iPhone design. You can clearly see that there is no evidence of Samsung asking it's designers to copy the iPhone. On the contrary they wanted them to be creative and focus on screen to make Samsung devices distinct from the iPhone.

Submission + - Samsung Seeks New Trial, Accuses Foreman Hogan Of Implied Bias (

sfcrazy writes: Samsung is demanding new trial accusing foreman Hogan of not being truthful to the court. Hogan did not disclose about his court battle with Seagate, a company Samsung helped last year by purchasing its hard drive unit. Hogan was once sued by Seagate for not paying the sum he owed to the company. Hogan chose to file for personal bankruptcy instead of paying back to Seagate. Hogan seems to have genuine reasons to hate Samsung in addition to all the 'things' he did to mislead the jury. Samsung says in its filing that "Hogan’s failure to disclose the Seagate suit raises issues of bias that Samsung should have been allowed to explore in questioning and that would have triggered a motion to strike for cause or a peremptory strike."

Submission + - Chinese GooPhone Threatens iPhone 5 Ban In China ( 1

sfcrazy writes: It's an interesting turn of tables. A Chinese manufacturer has managed to release a phone named GooPhone i5 which, according to 'Cult of Mac', is rip-off of 'upcoming' iPhone 5. The most interesting aspect is the makers of the phones have patented the design in China and threatened to sue Apple if they copied this patented design.

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