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Comment Re:Fake Fake News (Score 1) 604

He doesn't need to be a member of a militia for the 2nd amendment to apply to him. The 2nd amendment simply states that a well regulated militia is necessary. That's not a condition for keeping or bearing arms, and nothing in the text states or even implies that. What IS stated in the text is that his right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Comment Re:-1 Overrated (Score 1) 247

They merely said there must be some inherent flaw with the phone they can't work around!!111.
Yet they fail to state why they can't simply use a smaller battery, or a battery with higher tolerances, or more aggressive thermal throttling in the charging circuitry or even in the phone's SoC.

The REAL reason Samsung didn't try to fix it again is because they had utterly lost all faith and good will after the first recall resulted in phones still bursting into flames. There's no salvaging that, even if you decide to put in a perfectly safe, but smaller, battery, and completely solve the issue. The Note 7 was dead. You can't take the thing on planes. It's tarnished. Scrapping it and waiting a few months for the next round is the best bet.

If you spent 5 fucking seconds thinking about the issue after the "fixed" phones started Samsunging, you'd know this.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 1, Insightful) 604

If you believe owning guns is wrong or worthy of criticism (to the point that you need to specifically call out a semi-automatic rifle and several handguns), you're an idiot.
If you believe that saying "self-investigate" in contrast to the non-existent "investigating" law enforcement and the media have done is somehow worthy of criticism, you're an idiot.
If you believe that calling someone "Jethro" is an insult, you're an idiot.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 2, Insightful) 604

"Fake News" is the rebranding of Hillary's failed "Correct the Record" campaign.

Trump only won because of Fake News! Facebook needs to censor Fake News! <Bad Thing For Us> is just another example of Fake News! Voter fraud doesn't exist! Reports of dead people voting and people being bused in are MORE FAKE NEWS!

Stay tuned to MSCNNNBC for REAL NEWS YOU CAN TRUST! How Vladimir Putin rigged the election for Donald Trump! 45 reasons the Electoral College is bad and needs to go away (#7 will shock you)! EXCLUSIVE - Voter fraud (it's real now, ignore that last report) helped Donald Trump win the election! BREAKING ALERT - Calls for a recount could put Hillary in the White House, where we desperately want her to be! Join the campaign to petition Electors to act faithlessly and give the Presidency to a losing candidate!

Comment Fake Fake News (Score 0, Troll) 604

Was he wielding a rifle as stated in TFS, or was he carrying it?
Why would he be arrested for carrying a rifle? It's his right to do so.
Why is investigating something on your own bad? In this era of Fake News, it's the only way to be sure.
Further, why are we saying this is bogus conspiracy theory? Read the emails, something is definitely up. The media and powers-that-be are trying VERY hard to discredit this revelation. "Nobody is listening to your phone calls." and "You can keep your plan." hard.

Fear not - in a few short weeks President Trump's justice department will drain the swamp that is Washington, D.C..

Comment Re:-1 Overrated (Score 1) 247

It has everything to do with your response to Harlequin80's post. You accused Harlequin80 of not reading, yet you didn't read shit yourself (or if you did, you didn't do the follow-up exercises of understanding and thinking).

If you had, you would have realized the engineers in question didn't do a damn thing, didn't draw any meaningful conclusion, looked at a grand total of 1 unit, and only did so to write a blog post to pimp their startup.

It's all fluff and is absolutely unworthy of discussion, let alone serious consideration with regards to the actual issues behind the Note 7 catastrophe.

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