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Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 1) 306

It's not only the portability that matters, it's the software reuse. You write your nifty image recognition library in Java and that's pretty much the only language that can use it.

Funny you should choose image recognition: that's one of the areas dominated by C++. Even in the frameworks where it does not appear so (Caffe, Torch, TensorFlow), the back end is all in C++, and the front end is in a scripting language.

MATLAB makes a small showing, too.

Another interesting one is ImageJ (very popular in scientific imaging, especially biology) which is Java of course. Naturally, one can link in C++ code via the JNI if you want to extend it with a native module. And of course if you're prepared to put in the effort, you can invoke a JVM from the other side and use it's features. Not worth it however.

Yes, by the way I am a computer vision engineer and no one does it in C.

If you stick to a C-only subset of C++ you can write your library in C++, but at that point why bother with C++ anyway?

Not entirely true. You only need to stick to the C subset in the interface. libstdc++ is very good and you're very unlikely to bump into trouble with the runtime these days.

Comment Re:Let's be certain first,.. (Score 0) 394

Ever since gamergate my concepts of fair reporting, harassment, he said she said have been seriously adjusted.

Well it would appear you haven't learned a darned thing. You see you went straight from that to:

Stories such as Linus specifically having to avoid spending any time with females one on one as he's been "targeted for take down".

That was nothing more than ESR ranting on his blog. No facts, no evidence, nothing.

Be wise and if you read the article at least try to find multiple sources and preferably the other side of the story.

There are not always two sides to every story. See, e.g. evolution vs creation, flat earth vs not, human Egyptian pyramid builders vs aliens.

Comment Re:Cui Bono and To What End? (Score 1) 394

Notice that there are no criminal charges anywhere,

So? Most human interaction including dumping people is done without the need for criminal charges. People get permanently banned from things simply for breaking the rules of the organisation, and the police and courts need never get involved.

Comment Re:Needs a refresh (Score 1) 533

I'd say 99.99% is way too high, more like 20%. Most people I see using phones are using apps, watching videos or listening to music (the most common use I see day to day). Making calls is a relative rarity. I've got a 3 channel 3.5mm jack earbud headset which came with my phone. I used it once or twice. Unless you're on the phone a lot, it's a PITA to dig out.

IMO, by far the most common use is headphones.

Comment Re:and Linus' view ... (Score 1) 86

Isn't the Linux kernel written in C? Seems that at least one luminary thinks it's still relevant.

Ys, but that luminary has shown he doesn't actually know enough about C++ to have an opinion on it! Or at least his biases are so strong and lacking in perspective that they're clearly overwhelming any technical argument.

Anyway now that GCC has gone the way of C++, the existence of Linux is dependent on C++ albeit indirectly.

Comment Re:Fascinating. All of TWO relevant languages (Score 1) 86

Last time I checked, most embedded development is done using C especially on low power devices.

A mix. Some is done in C. In part that's due to a lack of a good C++ compiler. AVRs and Arms support C++. My shitey little 8051 only supports C (lol IAR making class a synonym for struct does not a C++ compiler make), so I write in C.

However, many of the shitey 8051s are being superceded by ARMs. I'd love to switch, but we're about to enter production so it's not worth it now. The next version will use the ARM. It's lower power too, so better battery life, and possibly cheaper overall since it is more heavily integrated.

Not much competes with C in the embedded space.

Apart from C++, that's true.

I don't think the world is moving away from C, but I do think that C is in decline on the PC.

OK fair enough. C's in heavy decline everywhere except embedded and for some reason Linux userland apps. But hell, have you ever seen glib code? Holy fuck why would anyone ever subject themsleves to that, it's bloody mental. Imagine writing code in CPython exclusively. Madness.

With regard to C on the PC though... it's easier to work in other more forgiving languages at the expense of having slower code because modern machines are so fast very few people actually care that much about the overhead.

Forgiving? There's C++ which is precisely as fast in theory and in practice often faster, and supports vasty richer abstractions. And of course there's Rust. It has mostly the same machine model as C and C++, so one would expect it to reach the same speed soon. That will of course depend on the quality of the front (and middle?) end of the compiler, and the back end is shared with C and C++ compilers.

That's also not a hypothetical "java is 10x faster than before and THIS year it just edges out C++ (like every other year)" bullshit that you get. Rust's machine model allows exactly the same optimizations as C.

One of the design goals of Rust is to be as fast as C++.

We found out through painful experience that we don't want these people working in C because the damage they can do in it is very large and costly, compared to the damage they can do in something like Java where idiocy is much easier to detect early in a project.

Ain't that the case!

Comment Re:Even if you disagree with the judge . . . (Score 1) 150

In my country if you ask the "bank of mum and dad" to help pay for your first house, they need to write a letter explaining who they are, and why this big sum of unexpected money appeared with no strings attached, because otherwise your lender, or your lawyers, or both will freak out and everything stalls while this mysterious money is explained.

Really? Not my experience.

Everything had to be aggregated in one place before it was transferred wholesale to the seller. Naturally, the aggregation came from a bunch of different places, because it was quite a lot of money.

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