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Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 348

Your hypothesis:

Actually my hypothesis is that you're pretty dim. Reality matches.

Reality: Fairly progressive website (/.) scored my comment +5 insightful.

So, you agree with every +5 post out there! This should be interesting.

I notice you still haven't provided any evidence for your original claim beyond a few upmods.

Comment Re:But bringing an assault rifle??? (Score 1, Troll) 664

Good, point, but unfortunately, you're Mashiki. So, based on previous actions the link is:

* 65% probability: doesn't say what you claim
* 25% probability: from some very dubious site that also doesn't say what you claim
* > 9.9% probability: a broken link
* < 0.1% probability: actually backs up your claim. Note that 0.1% is an upper bound. We don't have any past data in this category.

Comment Re:Spinning even now (Score 3, Insightful) 664

"Of the more than 11,800 endangered runaways reported to NCMEC in 2015, one in five were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 74 percent were in the care of social services when they went missing. " ...absolutely damning statistic IMO...

Not really sure why that's damning. Social services generally only gets kids in the worst of circumstances, so almost all of the kids in the charge of social services will be messed up.

Comment Re:Average is not median (Score 0) 148

Nope. By definition, half the people minus one are below median intelligence.

Median's just a kind of average.

This type of average is the value which minimizes the sum of [ [ absolute value of data-average] to some power]. If the power is 2 you get the mean. If the power is 1 you get the median, if the power is 0 you get the mode and if the power is infinity, you get the point mid way between the two most extreme values. There doesn't seem to be much love for the 3-average out there :)

For fun, if the number of points is even, any value between and including the 2 central points actually minimizes the 1-norm. So the whole "take the mean of the middle two values for even numbers" for the median is unnecessary.

There are various interpretations of minimizing that "metric" (not a metric for powers below 1), like the MLE estimate for the mean of a Gaussian distribution (2) or 2 sided Laplace (1).

Comment Re:Inside every "Liberal" is an "Authoritarian" (Score 1) 348

Then your argument is invalid â" by your own admission and on its own merit.

Reading fail #1. My argument is you're a terrible advocate for free speech because your agruments depend on absurdities or things demonstrably not true.

Yeah, except in Europe, right?

Reading fail #2. I'm actually in favour of free speech. I think you're so bad at advocating it that you actually do the opposite in effect.

Comment Re:Inside every "Liberal" is an "Authoritarian" (Score 1) 348

Who determines importance?

It's turtles all the way down. Choices are ultimately arbitrary. I personally believe that free speech is important and goes hand in hand with freedom of thought which is also important. Not everyone agrees, but ultimately it's a belief. One can make arguments back and forth but underneath, those must stem from axioms. You can't reason below the base axioms.

Comment Re:Inside every "Liberal" is an "Authoritarian" (Score 2, Insightful) 348

I swear that many of the self-identified free speech warriors are it's worst advocates. The reason is you all seem to try to downplay how damn important free speech is by claiming speech is more or less consequence free. It's important precisely because it has consequences, not because it has none.

The "Hitler Problem" wasn't that the guy said mean things. The problem with Hitler is that he also had an army of uniformed thugs beating people up.

And how exactly did he get his army of thugs to beat people up? By convincing them to. Using nothing but speech.

He didn't just say "bad things".

Yeah pretty much. I don't believe Hitler actually personally murdered anyone. Everyone killed by Hitler was as a result of Hitler saying stuff. I.e. speech.

The Hitler problem is that he suppressed dissent. He did that long before he came to power.

Hmm and how did he do that, pray tell? Did he personally go out there and stop the police from doing anything? Or was the problem that he whipped up the sentiment with a series of speeches that not only were the thugs prepared to do his bidding, but that normal people were prepared to look the other way.

Speech should be free because it's important. If it's unimportant then it's not worth protecting strongly. You are essentially arguing it's unimportant.

Comment Re:Inside every "Liberal" is an "Authoritarian" (Score 2) 348

Do you really think it desirable?

No, of course not.

Nonetheless your argument is deeply flawed. Your method has already been tried and it resulted in a massive disaster, so you can't really claim your method actually works.

I'm actually a trong proponent of free speech. One thing I strongly dislike however is ill thoughtout or obviously false arguments in its favour, because I feel like those arguments actually make the case for free speech weaker not stronger.

Comment Re:Kind of obvious... (Score 1) 271

Nice pictures by the way. I wasn' thinking of a CNC router, so good point.

I'm assuming that you have a CNC router, and you're essentially doing a bunch of extrusions for the shape?

If so, yeah, a CNC router (or laser cutter) will beat a 3D printer for that application. For more complex 3D milling operations, clamping is a real problem, especially if you have to mill, re-clamp and re-datum several times during the operation.

If you have super complex shapes for example:

CNC is right out. OK that's a bit excessive, but I did print one once my printer was set up, just to show off.

So basically, can we agree that "it depends"? If you're doing planar cutouts to be assembled and have somewhere to put it, then a CNC router is definitely the machine of choice. But it looks like you have a garage and probably some sort of dust extraction.

My 3D printer is used for things for which the CNC router wouldn't be especially suitable. And I have nowhere to put one either.

Comment Re:because (Score 1) 271

I'll have a look at that, thanks. The most complex thing I've done so far is basically an extrusion using layers of laser cut acrylic.

I've been meaning to sign up for laser cutting training. It seems you can make custom cases REALLY easily on a laser cutter using finger jointed plywood, MDF or acrylic. Naturally, the shapes are much more limited, but the size and speed beet 3D printing for that kind of application.

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