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Comment Re:The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1, Troll) 572

Actually, did you not know the Minoan Warm Period, Roman Warm Period and Medieval Warm period were warmer than today?

No I didn't know that, mostly because they're not. Here's a graph:

See how the global temperature is not in fact warmer during the medieval warm period?

This is why Vikings farmed in Greenland and.... ... and yada yada yada it was warmer in the North Atlantic. We know. The North Atlantic is not the world. This is why it's called *global* warming. And the globe is warmer now than it was then.

You talk about 'nutters' yet seem to be defending a position for which you don't even understand even the basic counter evidence

The irony burns so bad I think my screen is about to melt.

I'll bet that website has no agenda!

Comment Re:Pile it on.. (Score 1) 301

And the big boys that scream 'racist' to everything they don't like can deal with the consequences of their words...nobody pays any attention to them.

If nobody pays attention to them then why is there so much horrendous whining and pearl clutching here? After all for you to have written that post, you at a minimum must have been paying attention to them.

Comment Re:no, they can't (Score 1) 990

You start from the meaningless premise,

Nope. You started from the premise that mass transit is inefficient. My entire series of posts have been thoroughly demonstrating that's incorrect.

Well, and you continue to be wrong. Cars are not subsidized, public transit is.

You demonstrate your understanding is so shallow that you shouldn't really be forming opinions on the topic.

I'm sorry if you are unable to understand a couple of paragraphs that you yourself cited.

Actually read what I cited, stop inventing what you want it to say. It includes station lighting, escalator usage, etc.

Yes, and you keep confusing "the net flow of taxes" with "the net flow of money".

OK,my bad. The net flow of money is out of London not into it.

If you took a survey, you'd probably find that most Americans would like nothing better than for Washingtonians to be stuck on the beltway, permanently. Americans really don't like Washington.

Ah I see: so they're not true Scotsmen. Only true Scotsmen or Americans love being stuck in traffic.

Comment Re:Last update on a phone intentionallruins it any (Score 1) 186

my Note 4 turns off at 27% battery remainining now

That might be a coincidence though. As batteries age it gets harder to judge the capacity. My Nexus 4 has started being really whacky. Actually there's an interesting thing where the GSM chip appears to cut out at a higher voltage than the main phone, so I get a glimpse of the battery voltage when the cell connection dies. That used to happen reliably at 3%. These days it happens anywhere between 1% and 25%.

It's still a perfectly servicable phone and GSM radio for my laptop, so I'm going to replace the battery. Shame it's no longer getting updates.

Comment Re:no, they can't (Score 1) 990

(1) You're arguing there that transit subsidies have a positive effect, not that they don't exist.

You were arguing that mass transit incolved "coercion" because of subsidies therefore cars are better. I argue that both forms receive subsidies so neither is better.

Ending subsidies for London transit wouldn't abolish it, it would simply force Londoners to pay the true cost of what they actually use.

Are you saying that ending subsidies for TFL won't actually end subsidies?

Not only does MacKay fail to account for non-propulsive energy usage,

Except no he doesn't.

Sorry, but net flows of tax money tells you little about net subsidies;

You claimed that the rest of the UK was subsidising London. If the net flow of money is from London to everywhere else that is not the case.

That's why, as far as the US is concerned, it's best for cities to avoid getting into the unenviable situation the the UK and London are in in the first place.

I forgot, Americans love being stuck in traffic on the beltway. All the ones I know who live in DC seem to have forgotten that too.

Comment Re:What Envirmental Wacko caused it? (Score 5, Insightful) 314

It's nested fail safes. The drum was never supposed to blow. But we knew that and if "never supposed to" meant "never" then you could just stack the drums on the surface. The point of digging it into a salt mine was that if the drum did happen to blow, it would be contained. It did and it was.

It's like the difference between TMI and Chernobyl. TMI was built with nested failsafes. In fact the design assumed that the core would melt down and was designed to dilute the core to noncriticality, then spread out the molten stuff to cool it so it would not break out of the containment. That happened and that's why there was almost no external contamination.

Comment Re:no, they can't (Score 1) 990

Nevertheless, the amount of money that is raised from taxes on driving exceeds the amount of money spent on driving by the government; therefore, driving as an activity is not subsidized by government. On the other hand, the government spends much more on public transit than public transit brings in in revenue. herefore, public transit is heavily subsidized by government. It's pretty straightforward; even an Oxford-educated intellectual should be able to figure it out.

Let's conside London, since that was under discussion. Consider how diving in London would be if:
(a) the tube was switched off (hint: a tube strike)
(b) with the tube operating as normal

The existence of mass transit has a direct, positive effect on the use of private tansport. It's so simple, a numpty Tab ought to be able to figure it out.

Neither MacKay nor you have done that,

This figures I quoted included the complete power use including station lighting, escalators etc etc etc. Try again, bucko!

In fact, your beliefs, attitudes, and political views are typical of European intellectuals


you just did it again

It's not defmamation if it's true.

"If you remove X, then Y gets less money." does not imply that "Y does not subsidize X."

Yes, a net flow of money from X to Y does indeed demonstate that Y does not subsidise X. The net flow of tax money is from London outwards, so London subsidises the rest of the UK, much like the blue states subsidise most of the red ones.

I have no doubt that you will continue to use your brain to argue for policies that enrich you and your class at the expense of others.

Mostly I'm arguing for policies so the tanspot system affecting the daily lives of 10 million people doesn't collapse.

Comment Re:Great, so when will they ban the SJWs? (Score 1) 117

You said this:

Nyberg, Quinn, Sarkesian, Shives...they're the new fascists.

Don't agree with them? Then you're automatically racist/sexist/homophobe/transphobe etc etc etc. Look at what they tried to do to Dr. Phil Mason and tell me that's "fair play".

That's literally a quote. You said precisely that.

Now stop ducking and weaving, and awnser the question honestly. What have they (as you clealry claimed in that quote) done to Phil Mason. You told me to look at it.

Look at what?

Give me some evidence more convincing that Breitbart articles by Milo and dubious blog posts. You know, something qualifying as actual evidence, not the perverse fantasies of gamegaters.

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