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Comment Re:Not built into app - built into HR's health pla (Score 2) 77

With that in mind, I downloaded the related health-care app so I could reverse-engineer the web services and feed them the appropriate numbers each day to avoid paying more.

Are you boasting about committing fraud? And, if you happen to get caught then your insurance will be invalid, so if you need to use it, uoi'll personally be on the hook for all of the medical bills.

Comment Re:Umm (Score -1, Flamebait) 336

We also used to have open discussions but those got shut down in favor of safe spaces.

Oh whine whine fucking whine whine, why don't you quit your incessant, perpetual whinging and shut the fuck up with that blatant lie.

The above sentence should adequately demonstrate that slashdot it not, in fact, a Trump-approved safe space.

You're welcome.

Comment Re:This has to be a 4chan joke... (Score 1) 881

In this story, though, it's our boy's wife who's got no problem finding fresh cocks to hop. He, however, seems to be begging every woman in sight...and failing. They only report to HR when it's Fred Armisen, not Tom Brady hitting on them.

You sound absolutely overwhelmed with jealousy and bitterness. By the way, an SNL skit is not evidence. The fact that you think that it's OK for hot guys displays a deep sense of entitlement. You are saying that YOUR desire to get what you want overrides HER desire to not be creeped on, but that you deserve it because other people can do it. The reason you can't successfully do it is very likely that your sense of entitlement is leaking through.

Anyway, here is a ver nice rebuttal of your claim that it's OK if Ton Brady does it:

Comment Re: Jacobin Jeopardy (Score 1) 881

You seem to be laboring under the delusion that "failed state" means "no government". It doesn't.

One of the key characteristics of a failed state is that the central government does not have control over significant areas of the country. Go to one of those areas, then and the central government will be utterly unable to bother you.

Comment Re:What's wrong with this people? (Score 1) 881

When did I say I was an MRA?

I (it turns out incorrectly) deduced that you were, mostly because you started to sound an awful lot like one.

I'm a traditionalist Catholic.

i.e. a massive hypocrite. I actually know the bible reasonably well, well enough to know that your allegedly religiously derived rules are nothing of the sort. No, instead you have a bunch of extra-biblical philosophy and selectively cherry pick bits of the bible to support it all the while ignoring the bits of the bible that don't support it and in fact say the opposite.

That generally involves cherry picking a a fiar bit of old bledded-be-he's fire-and-brimstone proclamations from the old testament and ignoring a lot of what that radical hippie type said. Which, for people wo call themselves Christians, is pretty ironic.

This is not to say that all Christians are hypocrites---far from it. You and your desire to oppress others for your personal gain are about as far from the teachings of Jesus as it's possible to get.

We don't have much in common.

Apart from a desire for oppression and a return to glory days of the 1950s where everyone except people like you were repressed, you mean.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 881

So if someone gets stabbed and their wallet stolen, you're really claiming that I can't make any judgements on the perp without having him say his piece?

In other words, you're telling me I should judge people only on their words not their actions, which is kinda back to front.

Comment Re:What's wrong with this people? (Score 1) 881

We had rules to stop this behavior from occurring but you didn't like them, so now you get shit behavior. Start following the rules designed to prevent shit behavior and the shit behavior will stop.

You think this sort of behaviour happened before? Then, for the good of humanity, can you share the secret to faster-than-light travel because you clearly hail from a different planet.

By what right did you call the guy a scumbag?

Because he attempted to use his power over someone to coerce her into having sex with him. It's really really simple.

You ought to get over your puritanical moralizing about begging subordinates for sex.

That situation is abusing a power imbalance. That falls far on the wrong side of my moral code, where as consenting adults not being monogamous does not. Mostly because I have in interest in protecting people from abuse, but no interest in dictating people's sex lives.

You on the other hand seem to go the opposite way.

I wish this story could be broadcast to the people of the 1950s.

Is there something special about the 1950s which makes them some sort of high point?

Okay, first off, what the fuck are 'female engineers?'

Well, at this point I do nuderstand the source of your confusion. It appears you are struggling with extremely basic concepts. I can see therefore why you can't reason through why abusing a power dynamic is bad.

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