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Comment Re:This is hardly surprising (Score 2) 1127

Bullshit. Firstly, they like the taste of Pigeons, Moose, Deer, Pheasant, etc.; which have not been grown in battery farms and pumped with hormones. Secondly, they like being outdoors and catching their own food. Thirdly, it's good to know how to operate a firearm, who knows when the zombie apocalypse will start? Your fashionable, lefty, soundbites will get you laid, and probably with someone quite attractive; the problem is, you'll have to tolerate her as she changes into a man hating, dungaree wearing, embarassment by middle age. For good measure, she'll probably run off with the Yoga teacher, divorce you, and spend the rest of her life squeezing you for maintenance. All of the above does not apply to fox-hunting, which as practiced by the British, is a sick, sadistic, pointless way to kill an animal.

Comment Re:The Economist (Score 1) 562

True that. Every Friday, it's my little bundle of joy delivered by the postman. The closest US equivalent is Foreign Afairs, but it's full of huge ego pieces such as Henry Kissenger banging on about an optimistic vision for pan asian co-prosperity sphere... or how vulnerable the Ruskies are to a first strike. National Geographic is excellent, but I prefer to read the older editions, from the 70's and 80's, the newer ones just aren't the same. There are lots of Linux magazines produced in Europe, many of which are rather glossy, but none of them come anywhere the Perl Journal or Sys-Admin magazine in terms of purity.

Comment Re:The terrorists have worked that out already (Score 2) 258

I don't believe any suicide bomber has done so in the UK (worn a burka). Apart from a single significant instance in 2004, the people with the greatest history of random slaughter in the UK, have been 100% white, without exception and indistinguishable from any other indigenous inhabitant of those blighted isles. The only 'white' country in which Islamists have carried out operations used Burka clad female suicide operatives has been (arguably) the Russian Federation, specifically Chechnya and Dagestan. The vast majority of the camera's in the UK are trained on the white, Christian, shoplifting, drunken assaulting, raping, whoring, speeding, drug dealing natives. Of course, most of the population think they were put there by the EU - because the Daily Mail tells them what happens.

Comment Re:Why explicitly war zone? (Score 1) 352

That's the most retarded shit I've ever heard. None of the US's 'near peer' states could care less about the manner in which the day-to-day war of occupations are waged. IED's, propaganda, tactics, torture, etc, haven't changed since the 50's. What they would be interested in - is some of that tasty info that comes from getting some slut to hook up with a policymaker, scientist or prominent economic figure. War zones provide good wages, at a (somewhat)* increased risk of disabling injury or death. But, apart from the potential for socio-political scandal there probably aren't an awful lot of strategic technology on the ground, when you consider it was brought there to use against a third world enemy. *While the west still maintains it's military/technological advantage over the enemy/rest of the world.

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