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Submission + - SPAM: The Experiment 2010

dolorestrevino writes: The Experiment 2010 Movie immerse us in the middle of weird psychological experiment: two group of people hired to be locked in prison for 14 days. Normal people quickly turn to beasts when they are divided on guards and prisoners showing no mercy each other. The Experiment Movie is the 2010 remake of German the same name movie of 90th.
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Submission + - 50 office-speak phrases you love to hate

SpaghettiPattern writes: I wouldn't want to wrongside the /. demographic by don't letting them come to the party, so it's time to get all our ducks in a row and sprinkle some BBC magic onto my dear stakeholders. The BBC runs an article that goes forward in 360-degree thinking about the challenge posed by office-speak.
Oh, I can't stand this any longer so I'll move forward.

Submission + - New Technique Spots Sneaky Botnets (

An anonymous reader writes: Tool could be used to detect activity from botnets such as Conficker, Kraken, and Torpig, which rotate domains in an effort to evade discovery and stay alive. Researchers have devised a new method to root out botnets that try to hide behind alternating domain names. Researchers from Narus Inc. and Texas A&M University, created a method of studying in real-time all DNS traffic for domain-flux activity. The researchers presented their findings this week at the ACM Measurement Conference in Melbourne. Their method basically looks at the pattern and distribution of alphabetic characters in a domain name to determine whether it's malicious or legitimate: This allows them to spot botnets' algorithmically generated (rather than generated by humans) domain names. Bottom line: Given that most domain names are already taken, botnet operators have to go with gibberish-looking names like Conficker does:,, and, which their bots generate.

Submission + - Gov't Agencies To Get IaaS Services Via (

itwbennett writes: ITworld is reporting that the U.S. General Services Administration has 'contracted 11 companies to provide IaaS to federal, state, local and tribal governments. Agencies will be able to buy hosted storage, virtual machines and Web services from the vendors through, a portal where government entities can shop for approved cloud services. The services aren't available at the portal just yet. The GSA has awarded the contracts but the services must first be approved through the GSA's Certification and Accreditation process, which includes the stringent FISMA security authorization required for serving federal agencies. The time frame for that approval process varies, said Sahar Wali, a spokeswoman for the GSA.'

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