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Submission + - Voyager 1 at edge of solar system ( 1

selan writes: Still working after 33 years, the Voyager spacecraft continue on their journey. Voyager 1 has passed the solar wind and is nearing the edge of the solar system. Scientists estimate that Voyager 1 will reach true interstellar space within the next decade. Many of the experiments on board continue to send back data. "The question is, 'Will NASA be listening?'"

Comment Read the GPL FAQ (Score 2, Insightful) 174

"If distributing GPL'ed software by means that completely preclude it from being used without Windows is not a violation of the GPL, should it not be?"

The GPL FAQ says no.
I would like to bundle GPLed software with some sort of installation software. Does that installer need to have a GPL-compatible license?
No. The installer and the files it installs are separate works. As a result, the terms of the GPL do not apply to the installation software.


Submission + - SquirrelMail Repository Poisoned (

SkiifGeek writes: "Late last week the SquirrelMail team posted information on their site about a compromise to the main download repository for SquirrelMail that resulted in a critical flaw being introduced into two versions of the webmail application (1.4.11 and 1.4.12).

After gaining access to the repository through a release maintainer's compromised account (it is believed), the attackers made a slight modification to the release packages, modifying how a PHP global variable was handled. As a result, it introduced a remote file inclusion bug — leading to an arbitrary code execution risk on systems running the vulnerable versions of SquirrelMail.

The poisoning was identified after it was reported to the SquirrelMail team that there was a difference in MD5 signatures for version 1.4.12.

Version 1.4.13 is now available."


Submission + - Virtual Worlds Built from Photos and Maps

the_pantsman writes: is an online tool for combining digital photos, placed or drawn maps, and comments. The end result is a portable, Flash virtual world that lets users simulate walking through a location from either a birds-eye view or a first person perspective. The Web site includes a large gallery of user created worlds including a tour inside of a genetics laboratory. It would be interesting to see Mapwing's detailed, user drawn maps/worlds combined with something like Google Earth.

Submission + - Pegasus Mail and Mercury/32 Development Stops

An anonymous reader writes: Sadly development of one of the oldest freeware mail clients (Pegasus Mail) and servers (Mercury) available for the Windows and Netware platforms has stopped. Pegasus Mail has been available since February 1990. David Harris, the author, has been struggling to generate income from the sale of manuals for Pegasus and Mercury for some time and has sadly been unable to find a funding model that would allow him to continue development.

The front page of the website now reads

Changes to the status of Pegasus Mail and Mercury
January 2007

Effective January 2007, development and distribution of Pegasus Mail and Mercury has ceased. We regret this decision, but ongoing difficulties with funding have forced it upon us.

Sites who have current support subscriptions will be fully supported until their subscriptions expire. We will be looking at developing migration tools to assist those sites in moving to other platforms or products.

It has been a privilege to be of service to the Internet Community for such a long period of time — I am only sorry that I am not able to continue doing so.

David Harris, January 3 2007.

Submission + - A look at four popular text email clients

lisah writes: "Looking for a new text email client this year? has reviewed Pine, Cone, Mutt, and nmh. Though there were numerous candidates to choose from, author Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier says he left out packages that require too much tweaking or haven't been updated recently. Though each package has its own strengths and weaknesses, in the end, Mutt won out for being easy to use, feature rich, having an open license and more."

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