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Comment This Story Supports the Prior Article (Score 1) 421

People Think Smart Home Tech is Too Expensive

If you buy something that requires the manufacturer's equipment to operate, it means, of course, that they can effectively brick your purchase any time they want, for any reason they choose.

No price is low enough to buy something you do not actually own .

Comment Personal Countercase (Score 2) 370

1. The big screen.

And no subtitles, or at least no subtitle system that doesn't burn up your eye muscles trying to focus at vastly different distances.

2. People everywhere.

Talking on their phones and to each other during the show, answering texts, spilling popcorn and soda all over the place and talking to each other during the show. and incidentally getting you charged with assault if you nudge them to call their attention to the above facts.

3. Focus.

Matter of pure choice on the part of the viewer.

4. Relentlessness.

Matter of viewer attention. See item 3.

5. A massive speaker system.

As if I really need more hearing damage than I have. These days theater speakers are set for rock concert volumes.

6. Previews.

These are nothing more than paid-for advertising which you frequently forget about by the time the movie being advertised comes out.

7. Disruption.

See items 3 and 4 above. Also, if a movie can't hold your attention to begin with, it's already not worth watching.

8. Alone time.

Huh? My family and I watch DVD movies together every weekend. We cherish it.

9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark.

And insulin injections in the light of morning. There are very few theater snacks which aren't on my doctor's KOS list..

10. Bragging rights.

WTF? Just how many movies these days are worth bragging about?

Comment Re:"Compulsory" Math (Score 1) 239

I'm not sure why anyone would think any person would be receptive to anything "compulsory" or "forced" whether math, religion, or whatever.

Why this is shocking or unusual I have no idea. You cant
"force" someone to believe in something they don't. Sorry.

Don't be sorry. I was about to say pretty much the same thing in my own words. Compulsory exercise doesn't create a love of exercise. Compulsory reading doesn't create a love of literature, and on and on and on.

I can think of exactly ONE book I was required to read in high school that is still held in my heart, "The Little World of Don Camillo," back in 1963. I can't even remember what the other ones in that summer reading package were.

EXPOSURE works, for those who become interested. For the rest, it's a waste of the teacher's time and theirs.

Comment And for the hearing-challenged, what, please? (Score 1) 360

Every subtitle system in the theaters forces the viewer to switch between two distances: the screen and the subtitle screen, which is MUCH closer to the viewer.

I don't have to put up with that for DVDs and I see no reason to fry my eye muscles trying to figure out WTF a character I can barely hear just said.

Comment Hollywood will continue what it's always done. (Score 1) 312

1. Turn out the rare movie worth watching in a theater.
2. Turn out the less rare movie worth watching when it gets to DVD.
3. Turn out a lot of movies that aren't worth watching. Period.
4. Go and whine to congress for legislation to protect them from "predatory competition."*

*Anybody who's eating your lunch is considered predatory, even if it's your fault.

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