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Comment The stockholders wouldn't like it. (Score 0) 141

*diligence* and *discipline* cost money.

The Corporate Mantra is "But that costs money. The stockholders wouldn't like it."

Add in "But nothing bad can happen, so why waste money on it." and you have a recipe for the PG&E pipe explosion, Fukushima Daiichi, American Airlines Flight 191, and on and on and on,,,,

Comment Re:"Budweiser"??? Why didn't they ship beer? (Score 1) 246

Simple answer: They thought the truck might crash and they didn't want to waste real beer. With a rating of "awful" on Beer Advocate, Budweiser is fine to waste.

Good point. If they shipped, say, Guiness or Carlsberg and the truck crashed, there would be people stumbling around in a daze mumbling "The horror. The horror."

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