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Comment Re:You can bet on one thing with certainty here. (Score 2) 198

Here's my list of replacements, starting with the one you asked about.

Contacts is replaced by Playa Apps' A2Z Contacts and Synctastic

Calendar is replaced by Readdle's Calendars and Calendars5

Calculator is replaced by Creative Creek's MathU RPN Calculator (emulates an HP RPN)

Notes are stored either in KeePass Touch, Google Keep, and gTasks Pro, depending on what they're for.

Maps are replaced by Google Map

Mail is replaced by Google's Inbox(Personal) and Readdle's Spark(Work)

Videos, Music, Podcasts are replaced with VLC for iOS. I don't need iTunes to load it.

Reminders are replaced by gTasks Pro, which does tasks, reminders, location alerts etc. etc.

As far as Wallet, FaceTime, Tips, Just Friends, Watch, and News are concerned,
they're in don't give a damn status.

Health might tempt me except it apparently insists on reporting everything to Apple's cloud.
As a result, I wouldn't touch it with at a hundred yards with a waldo.

And Game Center is an abomination that apparently wants to push me into being "more social." Meh.

FYI, I use Marvin 3 and Marvin as my fiction readers, Hyphen for fact books/professional books/science articles.

Comment Re:You can bet on one thing with certainty here. (Score 2) 198

My "Trash" collection includes:

Calculator Calendar Wallet Game Center (I HATE THAT POS!)
Compass Notes Maps iTunes Store
Mail FaceTime Tips Podcasts
Contacts Videos Music Just Friends
Health Watch News Reminders

I have MUCH better non-Apple apps for all of the above.
If you don't want it and don't want to use it, it's bloatware.

Comment "more transparency for our customers." (Score 3, Insightful) 195

Which way is the transparency?

To the customer, by making it plain Big Brother is watching their orgasms?

To the company, as in "OK. Delilah in Kansas City likes Echo Mode at 5.7Hz. Why don't we start offering pre-customized models which have all the user's preferences pre-programmed? For a fee, of course."

Comment One Other Drawback of the Cinema (Score 1) 331

I'm hearing-challenged, to put it with political correctness. I can still hear, but I frequently miss words midst the background noise of the music and sound effects.

Every subtitling system for theaters requires you to focus your vision to within a couple of feet of your eyes to read the subtitles, and then jump back to follow the movie. I can testify that about 20 minutes of this bouncing back and forth leaves the eye muscles feeling boiled in oil.

At home, the subtitles are at the exact same focus distance as the TV screen, for some funny reason, and I can follow the story in complete comfort and read the subtitles as I do.

The theater, at least for me, has become a place I go to only when my family insists on it. I can preview whether I want to rent the DVD and follow the dialogue: at home.

Submission + - Pokemon Go Security Risk

sehlat writes: It appears that, at least in iOS, the Pokemon Go app may be a gigantic hole in the user's security. To quote from a post to Tumblr, the application grabs "full access to your Google account". It doesn't just have access to contact information. If true, it's a big reason either to have a google account solely for Pokemon Go, or to avoid the game like a plague.

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