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Submission + - Engineers working on a project to develop plants that glow (nytimes.com)

dushisud writes: Hoping to give new meaning to the term “natural light,” a small group of biotechnology hobbyists and entrepreneurs has started a project to develop plants that glow, potentially leading the way for trees that can replace electric streetlamps and potted flowers luminous enough to read by.

Submission + - Montréal cops' union want camera on every policemen uniform (cjad.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The Montréal Policemen's Brotherhood is proposing that officers be equipped with uniform-mounted cameras that can be used to video-tape various interventions. The union says in other jurisdictions where police officers are equipped with point-of-view cameras, the use of force by officers and assaults on officers drops by as much as 60%. One system is currently being tested in Edmonton, Alberta. Arguments for and against the project here (french). There are evidences cops need these cameras to refrain themselves but if cops get them, maybe being a glasshole isn't a bad idea after all.

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