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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Utah to make free and open wifi illegal

thisplaceisalmostout writes: State Representative Brad Daw from Orem Utah, is introducing HB 139.
Among other things, this legislation will make it against the law for any person to offer free and open wireless internet access, for instance a business to it's customers, or the public at large.
This law says in effect, that to offer wireless internet access to your customers, they must first prove that they are an adult, by providing either a government issued ID, or a Credit Card. Failure to do so would result in a fine up to $25,000.00

Furthermore the bill states "A person may not provide wireless Internet access to the public unless the person restricts access to prevent a minor from accessing material harmful to minors."
Additionally HB 139 makes it illegal for any retailer to sell a device capable of accessing the internet wirelessly, without it being clearly labeled as such.
Pete Ashdown the President and CEO of XMission the states largest internet provider, says that he will "shut down all XMission free wireless and cease expansion of this service." if this legislation is passed.

XMission provides a completely free wireless network that covers a substantial portion of down town Salt Lake City, and another similar one that is being constructed in Ogden will benefit the residents of that city as well.
If you live in Utah I urge you to contact your legislators and ask them to stop this bill, the potential long term damages from this bill are staggering.

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