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Submission + - OpenPandora design files released

janvlug writes: Today, the OpenPandora case and hardware design files have been released for non-commercial use. The OpenPandora is a hand held Linux computer with gaming controls, but essentially it is an all-purpose computer. The OpenPandorra offers the greatest possible degree of software freedom to a vibrant community of users and developers.

Comment Re:stupid. (Score 1) 470

There are breaktrough every month in science. Imho this is a breaktrough. Not one that will change our life... at least now.
With the LHC, fundamental physists are learning a lot. And I hope they will finally find that "reunion" theory (a real breakthrough) in the next 20 years...

We all come here to have a view on science progress. That's the point of /.
Geez the fun times are ahead not behind.

Beside, it's a matter of funding, Einstein had a nearly illimited budget. He could do any of the tests he wanted. Nowadays scientists have to beg to get anything. And even there, large progress is done.

Comment Re:hardware, not software Re:Oracle? SPARC? (Score 5, Informative) 98

Oracle SGBDR and options licences price is the key to understand why SPARC still matter.

For the same processing power, T4 cpu need less core than any x86 concurrent.
A client using spatial, partitionning and olap will need to rack up 66k$ per core (list price). Note that the licence requiered for a single core is more expensive than the server.

If you add that you only need to pay the licences you use on solaris thanks to the containers, and you can easyly imagine that a T4 solution usually is 2 times cheaper than a x86 solution.

Do I need to add the greater MTBF of these T4 machines or that it is the oracle developpement plateform of choice (thuss receive patches the first, windows is a 3rd cityzen in that context) ?

Comment Re:Slackware on floppies (Score 2) 867

I do run only one distro myself. What the hell are you doing with 4-5 different distro installed at the same time. it sound to be a pain to maintain all that.

For me it have been :
RedHat -> debian testing -> debian SID.

I havent checked a distro in a long while. My debian install is still working nicely as I expect it to run, why would I change ?

Comment Re:Inflamatory headling superceeds mundane content (Score 2, Informative) 268

What's the difference between Mono and .NET? How does the liberated open source software community connect to these standards? Where does De Icaza fit in the puzzle?

Your geek card please... Thanks

Mono is a free implementation of the .NET infrastructure.

De Icaza is just the one that started Mono and integrated it into Gnome.

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