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Comment Re:This guy doesn't know what he's talking about (Score 1) 66

Have you ever migrated a large project from flash professional into a flex development environment?
It's not as simple as you're suggesting, because business-world library elements are often integrated into various base classes and possess ties throughout the project.

If you simply export them into a .swc, they will continue to be associated with those classes, and any code change will require you to re-publish from flash professional.. is flash builder even your development environment if you're not compiling from there?

Perhaps my google-fu is weak, but I've never seen a shred of useful documentation online about this migration process.
The best articles I've come across involve processes such as: step #1 convert all of your library elements into mxml format.

Yes, probably sounds like a lot of fun when you're staring down a couple hundred (or more) of those library elements, each with their own states, layers and base classes. And that's just step 1.

Comment Re:This is why I like gmail (Score 1) 172

Would this not also require a redirect to a domain other then

Nobody other then google should be able to generate a certificate for

SSL interceptors (such as the one made by Bluecoat) work by intercepting IP traffic bound for port 443. They pull a MITM attack on you by making a new SSL connection to the actual site, extracting the site's public key from the real cert, wrapping it in a forged cert that is signed by their CA cert. All the IT department has to do is install the interceptor's CA cert into each employee's browser (IE lets the domain admin do it remotely) so that the forged cert appears to be valid. So you either check for IT-installed CA certs in your browser (the Certificate Patrol add-on helps with Firefox), or run a script to fetch the cert from the site (using the openssl command-line util) and compare it to a known-good copy of the cert before you visit the site.

Comment Re:Why a smartphone? Google voice + prepaid is bes (Score 1) 199

Google Voice, Gizmo5 account (if you already have one; they're not accepting new requests) or a SkypeIn US number. Get a GSM smartphone with a simcard from a Canadian provider (since you're there most of the time). When in the states, get a pre-paid sim card with voice/data or just data. If you need the SkypeIn, it will set you back $30 for the year.

You now set up GV to forward calls to your US number to your VoIP account (Gizmo/Skype) while in Canada. Calls will be delivered via data. When in the states, you can continue with the same method, but with a prepaid simcard OR you can just forward via voice.

Note that while data plans for Canada or pre-paid US may be capped/metered you only need to use the GSM data when you are out-and-about. Any decent smartphone these days will happily shuffle data through wifi instead.

My Nokia N900 might be a bit too pricey, but will do everything here seamlessly with the built-in Skype and SIP integration.

The only thing this doesn't cover is porting your existing number to GoogleVoice...

Comment Re:Still better than AVI (Score 1) 370

Even though [Vorbis and Theora] could technically be implemented with any container, everybody expects them in ogg.

That's because if someone used Vorbis or Theora, they've already made the decision to give up quality in the name of ideology. That decision having been made, of course they're going to go all the way and use the Ogg container.

Comment Re:Maybe Apple should pay their royalties first? (Score 1) 434

There is no infringement until Android software is applied to some hardware and sold. It is the combination of the two that creates the infringement. Google is covered in this, except possibly taking a hit for enabling infringement. You cannot patent an idea, only a method. You build a mousetrap, you cannot patent "mousetraps"; you can however patent the method by which your mousetrap works. Others can build mousetraps, but to avoid infringing your patent, they would have to come up with a different method of trapping mice.

Comment seriously obsolete kid-only calculation (Score 1) 337

Intellectual ability tops out around age 14. By your calculation, somebody 28 years old normally gets an IQ near 50. Worse, somebody smarter than a 14 year old has an undefined IQ because such intelligence is not achevied by a normal person even at infinite age.

The modern calculation is based in standard deviations from the mean. Unfortunately there is disagreement over the formula. Nearly all tests use 15 or 16 points per standard deviation, but Mensa's test uses 20 points per standard deviation.

Comment Re:There will be no more variable resolution displ (Score 2, Informative) 99

CRTs also had a native rez too, it just wasn't as hard a mark. Any pro CRT, and most consumer ones, would have a recommended resolution. That wasn't for nothing. That was the rez at which is functioned best. You'd get the over all clearest image. Go too much above it, and pixels would get blurry and indistinct. Go too much below it and you'd see scanlines and such.

This is also much less of an issue with today's video cards. They can easily drive high rez displays, usually even cheap ones can handle it. The ability to knock down your resolution was something more useful when graphics memory was at a premium. That is no longer the case.

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