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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 2) 920

Most people who are slandered as "Anti-Israel" aren't against Israel or Jews. They are against things like Israel constantly flouting its borders as defined by the UN resolution that created it, and the amended resolution that expanded them. To this day Israel is pushing active settlement programs that violate those borders. They also dislike things Israel's violations of wartime conventions (using white phosphorous, and further, doing so in civilian heavy populations). They are even more so against any valid criticism of the Israeli government being labelled as "anti-semitic". It is absolutely feasible for someone to have no issue with the Jewish people, but despise the behavior of Israel. There is a book I highly recommend reading called "Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semintism and the Misuse of History". It is written by a Jewish Israeli. You are trying to grossly simplify the issue to push your perspective. Violating international boundaries and wartime conventions pisses people off.

Comment Re:Whatever Wal-Mart has. (Score 1) 232

80 dollars doesn't really nudge into the "nicer watches" category. I like browsing around high-end watches - I was peeking at one a few weeks ago that ran $38000. Obviously several orders of magnitude out of my price range, but really fancy watches get super expensive fast when you are a chronophile. The crazy thing is that I saw a Fossil watch a few hours later that looked nearly identical but for about 300 dollars.

Comment Re: Stop skimping on healthcare IT (Score 0) 69

I really wish that I had met MD's who acknowledged they weren't experts in IT when I did medical work. In my experience, most MD's couldn't comprehend that their doctorate in a single specific niche didn't automatically make them the final voice on absolutely every conceivable topic of discussion. And that was across hospitals across the entire eastern seaboard. Hence the joke lots of nurses bandy about, "Doctor in the front, asshole in the back."

Comment Re:My perspective (Score 1) 406

Then you never been in situation where the director is doing something so stupid that you have no choice but to resign. My coworkers and I at one company got a director fired because he wanted everyone to sign copyright assignments for everything on the job AND at home. We told the HR person we weren't signing the document and would resign instead. Faced with a dozen resignations and potential lawsuits for something has absolutely nothing to do with our daily work, HR got upper management to fix the problem in a hurry. None of us checked out bank accounts before threatening to resign. We did it because it was the right thing to do.

Actually, I have. And you know what would have happened if we had stood up and done that? Within 24 hours contractors would have been brought in from India or China to do it anyway, and I would still have given up my job. I have a wife and kids that my losing my job would very gravely impact. As in, possibly cost us our home, cost my kids their access to education, etc. Right now, I need my job or else it directly impacts my family. It's noble of you to be willing to jump off a cliff on principle, but not all of us have that ability.

Then you're doing it wrong. No wonder you need money to grow a pair.

So, question, do you just get your rocks off being a dick for no reason? Real question. I've been respectful to you, and in turn you've been an ass. You haven't really added anything to the conversation other than trying to turn this into some kind of pissing contest. Power dynamics and politics are a real thing. You sound clueless about the industry at a fortune 500 level, and about basic human psychology.

Comment My perspective (Score 1) 406

I honestly have no interest in quitting my job if I find myself suddenly rich. What WILL happen though, is that the way I treat my job and the power dynamics there will drastically change. I will be far more emboldened voicing opinions about things that go on because I no longer am at the job because I "need" to be, but rather because I "want" to be. That makes a very big difference. I won't have near as much of an issue telling our director that he's being stupid when he is in fact demonstrably being stupid. Right now, there is always the spectre of being fired haunting me if I speak up when management makes a bad decision. I usually speak up anyway, but if I get shushed, I let it lie. I won't have to do that any more. Want to fire me? Fine, give me a call in a few months when you see I'm right, I don't need you as much as you'll see you need me.

Comment Re:Flappy birds clone (Score 3, Interesting) 88

We picked up a Wii-U because my wife likes Nintendo games, and honestly with a kid on the way they are more appropriate to all audiences. The console itself is excellent - the fact that wii mode allows the running of homebrew software lets you leverage the extremely large library of homebrew that is out there for the wii, some of which has been re-hacked to be compatible with the wii u pro controller. So, my Wii U runs games from turbo grafix 16, NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Gamecube, Wii, and of course, the wii U. I have nearly limitless access to gaming through that thing. Could I do it on a PC? Sure, maybe if I was by myself. But it's hard to sit down at a single PC with 4 people and play a game together. I can sit 4 people on my couch and play a game together with controllers without a problem using the Wii U. Which brings up another important point...

The nintendo catalog tends to be focused on couch co-op. The PS4 and Xbox tend to cater to more mature audiences, and they tend to almost always focus on online multiplayer. While online multiplayer is still playing with other people, it's really you, sitting by yourself in a room, talking over some tubes to other people. It's just not the same as sitting down together and playing a game.

Comment Re:But government is obviously in conspiracy with (Score 1) 297

I have to agree with your last statement. I think it's a bit self-defeating to lump herbalism under homeopathy. For instance, many herbs do in fact have valid scientific evidence to back up their efficacy for treating certain ailments. Peppermint, calendula, ginger, chamomile, etc. Chew on a single leaf of acmella oleracea and you'll immediately recognize that it can be used as a light-duty anesthetic, which is why leaves/flowers were pressed to produce an oil to make the folk anesthetic "jambu" for treating tootheaches and canker sores. Chewing on a coca leaf absolutely suppresses your appetite and acts as a minor stimulant. There are a handful of studies available in the US showing efficacy for these plants to treat an array of issues, and far more in Europe (Germany especially seems to be fond of studying herbs).

I totally get that a lot of homeopathy is absolute BS quackery. But there is absolutely some potential with herbalism, even though you still have to avoid the quackery. Good materia medicas exist, but aren't cheap.

The key is rigorous study, and this is where it is difficult because there's not a lot of profit motivation behind putting together scientifically rigorous studies for plants that anyone can grow easily in the home. A pharmaceutical company on the other hand can make a new chemical, patent it, create an array of easily prescribable dosages, control it on the market for a period of time, and use that period of time to recoup the cost of research, development, AND funding scientifically rigorous studies. No one is going to pay for a study to show that chamomile is a mild relaxant, you know? And this isn't anti-pharma BS, this is just basic business. No one is going to spend millions on research for something you can't patent. So, you get left with a lot of "well, there's little research."

Another problem with herbs though - every plant is going to be different. Each flower could have differing levels of active chemicals, so what do you call a dose? I respect groups like USP, but I feel like it is almost a losing battle considering how easy most herbs are to grow.

Comment Re:Why not remove the screen too (Score 2) 675

Eh, not quite. I have a 6 year old macbook pro that runs their latest OS with absolutely no issue for day-to-day use. The same machine, dual booted into windows, runs TERRIBLY. Ubuntu? It runs alright, ignoring that laptop fan control is absolute shit in linux and 90% of the time it sounds like a jet engine. Do I get much utility using a brand new laptop over that box? Not really. Maybe if I was gaming or doing sound/video processing. Having a kernel and os that is optimized for hardware absolutely makes a significant difference towards user experience. There is more to a workstation than just the hardware.

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