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Comment Kermit (Score 1) 181

I wrote my own terminal emulator in assembly on a CP/M system. Worked really well, except I couldn't get the darn X-Modem protocol right. Had to settle for Kermit.

Later I ran a 4-line Maximus BBS, wrote a DOS TSR software to redirect sysadmin yells over Netware IPX. Oh the days..

Comment Carpet bombing (Score 1) 56

If I would wear a tin-foil hat, then I'd suggest that Asia is carpet bombing the Western digital world. The difference being that no lives are being taken (yet), no physical damage occurs (yet) and no bomber planes are flying. Oh, and contrary to physical warfare, WE ARE PAYING for our own bombs. Small amounts each time,but we buy the cr*p that comes out of Asia.

I'm not wearing a tin-foil hat, but still I wonder if the cr*ppy firmware and spreading of so many exploitable devices isn't just part of the plan.

Comment argv[0] not passed correctly (Score 1) 163

So I write command line software. If a user messes up the command line, I display a Usage message. This uses argv[0], which is basically 'the executable name'.

When I run Windows bash, the pwd command shows '/c/test'. When I run test.exe I'd expect argv[0] to be '/c/test/test.exe'. It isn't, it is the Windows native 'C:\TEST\TEST.EXE'.

Comment Earths rotation (Score 2) 81

Very impressive footage, although I would have loved to see the initial ignition and the fadeing at the end.

What I'd also like to know is if igniting rockets such as these horizontally, with this amount of thrust, would have any measurable impact on the earths rotation at all. If not, what amount of thrust would be needed to do this?

Comment Re:Impossible coverage (Score 1) 64

I'm sure all US citizens will soon have to comply with the new Network Distribution Privacy Act (due to be announced soon) which means allowing at least one, or when required for coverage, two 71GHz transceivers in every room of their private property. When multiple operators are active in your region that will of course double or more. Service personnell must have unrestricted access to ensure full network coverage at all times.

People, stop the madness. Go out, leave your phone at home, get a life.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 5, Informative) 634

European here. Contrary to your belief (as probably induced by the somewhat biased media reports), many European civilians are not mourning at all. Many of us are happy to finally see EU dictatorship come to a halt. The Brits will do fine outside the EU. And so will many other countries.

EU is a failed project, perhaps good for the elite and large companies, but it sucks for ordinary citizens. Unlimited import of society-wrecking hordes, unreal money pits, total neglect for ordinary citizens, destruction of carefully crafted wellfare systems, pensions down the drain, job losses, and mind-boggling burocracy. That's EU for us. This project should return to being an economic powerhouse, without the common currency and without tens of thousands of useless, overpaid burocrats.

The Brits have taken the lead. Will it hurt? Sure! But better to cut the ties now then to stay aboard a ship heading for the cliffs. I expect other countries to follow. The Clash had this in their lyrics: "If I go there will be trouble.. If I stay it will be double!!"

Comment Re:The problem is MOSLEMS (Score 1) 1718

I don't care much about religion, regardless which variety. But I do not consider islam to be a religion. It is an ideology, an all-encompassing view on how civilization should be ran. And it is totally incompatible with our civilization. It is out to infiltrate and destroy our civilization.

Muslims are the result of islam. They are inspired by their sick ideology. Muslims don't get born as killers, they get turned into killers by the brain-poison that islam is. Islam is the root. Remove and ban the root. If you prevent people from being exposed to islam, perhaps you can stop them from becoming muslim, and they won't be killers.

Comment Re:Immigration (Score 2, Insightful) 1718

Perhaps the world should wake up and realize that the problem isn't muslims.

Wake up! The problem is islam. The ideology is toxic, dangerous and totally incompatible with Western civilization.

So rather than close the borders, close up islam. Close the hate-temples, forbid their religious practices, ban koran, just do not facilitate islam in any way. Stop allowing islam in our sociëty. World-wide. Those who can't live without it, will have to go find a country where it's allowed.

Comment Re:FUD - no, TREASON (Score 5, Insightful) 421

"It is just a way...." Really? REALLY??!? What the h*ll is Microsoft thinking.

Their compiler should do one thing and one thing only. Take the source and translate its instructions into machine code, so the computer performs the instructions as described in the source.. Nothing less. Nothing more. They have NO excuse whatsoever to include extra stuff to their benefit. Just that fact that you defend this behaviour is scary.

Comment Re:THEY DONT KNOW YET!? (Score 1) 120

This is a feeble attempt to downplay the incident. They simply don't know yet. So the guy says "It might as well have been a plastic bag" and the next headlines are "Plastic bag mistaken for drone", "Drone incident is plastic bag".

Media including /. are so bloody eager to have the first scoop, facts and details are just annoying.

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