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Comment Re:Kudos to him! (Score 3, Insightful) 757

"I see no freely licensed BSD systems before 1993."

That's because of the legal issues with AT&T. Linus has been quoted as saying that if BSD UNIX had been available at the time, he probably wouldn't have written Linux.

So one could argue that the existence of Linux owes more to AT&T than just the creation of UNIX.

Comment Re:high latency == bad performance of SSH (Score 1) 438

As I use SSH for my livelihood, low latency is extremely important.

Depends how you're using ssh. If you ssh into something to run vi (vim, whatever) there is a much lower latency solution.

VPN in and NFS mount the directory... then run vi locally. Yes each file save will still take 1600 ms longer or whatever, but local typing and such will be regular speed.

Then there is always rsync and friends, such as bidirectional "unison".

Comment Re:He's complaining about... (Score 1) 164

Let me correct you. "For all YOU know". Others here know better.

Actually the development process of Delicious Library has been blogged about and formed the topic of a number of conference presentations. It is a ground breaking app.

The wood texture was commissioned from an artist, and took a number of iterations back to the artist to redo before it looked right for the app. That's the reason why people keep stealing Delicious Library's artwork to use in competitor programs (this isn't the first time). Any old wood texture simply won't do.

Why is there so much ignorance of design on Slashdot?

Comment Re:The status quo (Score 1) 426

I don't know why you keep focusing on Sweden. It's just ONE of 30 member states inside the European Union. The rest of them are rather slow compared to the American states:

- Netherlands (slower than Delaware and Washington States)
- Germany (slower than Rhode Island,New Jersey,Massachusetts,Virginia,New York,Colorado,Connecticut,Arizona)
- and so on.

If you live in one of these states, the odds are you'll have faster connections than your Dutch or German or Italian or French cousins. And then you mention New York City. I couldn't find any information about NYC's average speed, but I did find several surrounding suburbs with excellent connection:

New York City's top ISPs:
WBS 51 Megabit/s
ANS 43 Mbit/s
RCN 36 Mbit/s

New York State's fastest cities:
Greenvale 22 Mbit/s
Westhampton 21
Lynnbrook 17
Sayville 17
Carmel, Bellporte, Woodmere, Bethpage, Sound Beach, Wellsville 16

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