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Submission + - How to Hide Facebook Post from Boss/ Mom/ Dad/ Ex? (

scorpio.pkt writes: There is no denying that most of us put up status updates about the most mundane happenings in everyday life on Facebook. Without ever realizing that these posts could land us in a soup if read by the wrong people.

One avid user recently posted, "5 AM only. And I am heading for a shower. Which idiot opens his store at 6??"
To which his boss replied, "The same idiot who pays you every month. You're fired anyways. Go back to sleep".

Avoid situations like these and see how you can hide your Facebook status update from your boss/ teacher/ ex/ mom/ dad?

Submission + - SIM Cards Have Been Hacked, The Flaw Could Affect Millions Of Phones (

SmartAboutThings writes: Smartphones are susceptible to malware and carriers have enabled NSA snooping, but the prevailing wisdom has it there’s still one part of your mobile phone that remains safe and un-hackable: your SIM card. Yet after three years of research, German cryptographer Karsten Nohl claims to have finally found encryption and software flaws that could affect millions of SIM cards, and open up another route on mobile phones for surveillance and fraud.

Submission + - Photographer Builds an Amazing DIY Digital Camera Stabilizer (

Iddo Genuth writes: Videographer Tom Antos developed an advanced DIY camera stabilizer which can hold almost any DSLR or mirrorless camera steady for video photography. Although this surly isn’t as sophisticated (and super expensive) as the professional MVI M10 handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal, its still quite impressive especially when you consider it only cost a few hundred dollars rather then tens of thousands — that is if you feel like building it yourself.

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