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Comment Re:How much for a de-gorped phone? (Score 1) 198

It was an older 3G phone (I think -- it's been a while), and then I got a SIM card for an assistive voice device, which would never get more than 1 bar (if I was lucky).

How can I try it out without buying one?

Also if you're familiar with the area, I'm in the west San Fernando Valley, if it helps.

Comment Re:How much for a de-gorped phone? (Score 1) 198

Some people who live in areas without good coverage from T-Mobile, considered the most customer-friendly U.S. carrier, may choose Verizon or Sprint in order to avoid AT&T, the U.S. carrier with the worst customer service.

I fall into this category. I do not live in the boonies... I live INSIDE the LA City Limits... and I tried T-Mobile and got no signal. I would drop Verizon like a rock if I could get T-Mobile coverage at my house.

Comment Re:LOL! Serves them right! (Score 1) 180

Wasn't L.A. the only one in recent(!) memory to turn a profit?

And that was probably because everything was already there... The Coliseum, Pauly Pavillion, the Sports Arena (RIP), The Forum, the Rose Bowl...

I think the only thing that really had to be built was the aquatic center, and I think USC covered most of that.

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