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Comment Re:So what happens when there are no more jobs? (Score 1) 870

There is another problem similar to the after effects of Bacon's Rebellion.

It is easier to hate the wealthy when machines replace our jobs than when a foreigner takes our jobs. We will have more civil unrest against the upper class with machines replacing people than with jobs going overseas. Be on the lookout for distractions from serious issues like food, clothing, shelter. Expect more discussions about gay marriage, 'in god we trust', affairs, pledge of allegiance, school vochers, etc....

Comment The dance (Score 1) 177

The Dance is getting harder and harder. Got to keep up with skills, but one has to balance it with life. I find it harder and harder as I get older. Life keeps aiming at derailing work. They might be good or bad events...but they are still distractions from improving work. That said...I will take all the distractions my 20 month old can toss my way.

Comment iphone (Score 1) 664

It doesn't seem to be needed. All one has to do is give every employee an iphone with a company app on it that does the above.

Tell them the app delivers their company email.

They won't be concerned because they 'do nothing wrong' at work and won't think about the fact that the company will know everything else about them as well. They'll assume it is just internet surfing, long phone calls, and texting that the company wants to track when in reality it is everything, a drag net of employee data.

That said, they'd drown in that much data. More likely they'd turn on such 'features' when they are already wanting to get rid of the employee.

Comment Re:Forget ratings, measure ROI. (Score 1) 302

What is the median salary, divided by total cost of education, one year and five years after graduation? That is really the main thing a prospective student needs to know. Everything else is window dressing.

Correction, this might be what the student wants to know, but this is definitely what the government needs to know. After all, what bank loans out money with slim chances of getting the money back? There are more important things than money when seeking a college degree, but the government shouldn't be funding degrees or colleges where there is no chance of getting the funding back over time.

Comment Re:false premise (Score 2) 160

I've had 3 reversals and only one worked long enough for me to have a son. I've spent 45k. In my experience the reversals always work initially, but close up over time. My last reversal I hired the best I could get. I should have done that at the beginning, but the doctor I had preform it the 1st & 2nd times said that it is waste for me to try a 3rd time.

Comment Re:American Wage Slaves are an Even Better Value (Score 5, Interesting) 1313

Hell, I never took vacation... maybe 3 or 4 days in the last year. I got laid off anyway, never mind a promotion. I got no severance pay, but they gave me 70% of my remaining vacation time in cash.

The lesson is: use your vacation. You may not get a chance later.

I can easy one up that and drive the point home. My ex-father in law never called in sick or took vacation. He died at 48. The paycheck he got for the unused vacation time had no taxes taken out. His wife who died two years later had to pay a ton in taxes because of that. On his death bed, I showed him pictures of a recent vacation I had and he wished he had done more of that than work. Who wouldn't? And since you never know when your last day is take the time now if you can.

Comment ignorant question (Score 1) 134

Since I don't have the $ just to try it out, can someone explain to me where the designs come from that the printer prints? Are the patterns printer specific? Are there standard formats used, like autocad or something? Everyone understands how a 2d printer works. 99% (grabbed out of thin air) of the net is 2d, but I'd love to print 3d objects. I play D&D. Even though it would be expensive, I'd to be able to print 3d versions of monsters mini's. I know it would kill wotc's miniture market, but I'm tired of using at best pictures on cardboard stock taking up the same amount of space. It'd be sweet to print up the # of missing minis for what the encounter called for or print up the dungeon/village/or terran where the fight was taking place.

Comment Robocode (Score 1) 525

I'd recommend doing something fun regardless of what language.

If you are fine with Java or .Net, try out

I know I'd love to write code as a kid to battle other players.

I learned most of my programing as a kid by picking apart other code. I learned on a trs80 loading up basic games and then in my teenage years, tweaking code for BBS sites when 1200 baud was awesome.

Comment e-voting bad (Score 1) 550

And this is why e-voting should be killed off. FB is something that is neutral. Employers and employees don't have any issues talking about why they want or don't want to reveal profiles. Overseeing someone's e-voting is taboo at the moment because for decades that hasn't been an option. Give it a generation and we'll have Tuesday Church Services where everyone who goes to your church is expected to attend for a voting party, where the computers are not hidden behind curtains and your neighbors can look over your shoulder. We'll have some straglers who claim they can't go to their Church event because their boss wants them to do the same. They'll tell their boss that their Church requires them to be there and since bosses don't want to run afowl of the 1st amendment, they'll let them go saying 'bring a print out to work.' When in reality they go home where their spouse watches over their shoulder instead and then as they doctor up a screen shot so their boss doesn't know they voted.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 1040

"The secret of a great success for which you are at a loss to account is a crime that has never been found out, because it was properly executed." by -Honore de Balzac which is normally paraphrased as 'Behind every great fortune there is a crime'. Thus the only way an honest man can get into congress is if a corrupt man helps him get there. Which leads into this quote "Now and then an innocent man is sent to the legislature." by Kin Hubbard (1868-1930)

Comment Order of the Stick (Score 3, Informative) 321

People seem to be focused on the piracy aspect of the story and I focused on the 'fan' aspect. Something that is going on with Kickstarter as of this week is Order of the Stick, a free online web comic, that has blown away its goals multiple times in the first week of the kickstarter. That is the power of fans. The product is free on the web, but yet fans are tripping over themselves to get out of print material back in stores.

Comment Our war on germs will kill us (Score 1) 185

Our War on germs is going to get us killed. Soap and water are enough. Anything more and we risk making the places where we really need more (hospitals) breeding factories for superbugs. Oh wait, that is what is happening. Stop eliminating superbugs competition. If those keyboards are wiping out 2/3s the germs, I bet 1/2 of the germs or more were good germs. I remember reading an article years ago, no clue on the current state, where some research doctors were trying out putting yogurt on their hands after washing to make sure their hands were protected by a protective layer of good germs.

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