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When Does Powering Down Servers Make Sense? 301

snydeq writes "Powering down servers to conserve energy is a controversial practice that, if undertaken wisely, could greatly benefit IT in its quest to rein in energy costs in the datacenter. Though power cycling's long-term effects on server hardware may be mythical, its effects on IT and business operations are certainly real and often detrimental. Yet, development, staging, batch processing, failover — several server environments seem like prime candidates for routine power cycling to reduce datacenter energy consumption. Under what conditions and in what environments does powering down servers seem to make the most economic and operational sense, and what tips do folks have to offer to those considering making use of the practice?"

Feed Engadget: Nikon D90's 720p movie mode gets critiqued (engadget.com)

Filed under: Digital Cameras

While being the first DSLR to shoot HD video sounds mighty excellent on paper, it's not worth much if the execution isn't there, right? The general consensus was that Nikon's D90 was a stellar DSLR, but the 720p movie mode was simply a so-so cherry on top. The gurus over at CamcorderInfo decided to take things one step further and actually write up an in-depth review on the movie mode alone. The long and short of it is this: the D90's movie mode simply can't produce the same results as a dedicated HD camcorder, and while it was "often able to produce impressive results (especially in moderately low light)," the unfortunate "wobble effect" really put a damper on things. In essence, the aforementioned problem causes objects to look like Jell-o when the user pans quickly from left to right, and the only real way to avoid it is to utilize a tripod or slow down your pans -- neither of which are terribly convenient. Critics did find quite a bit to praise, and they certainly appreciated the inclusion in an otherwise amazing camera, but it's still far from being ideal in all scenarios.Read|Permalink|Email this|Comments


Submission + - Cahoot Bank - Customers fear for their money. (zdnet.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: UK Bank Cahoot has effectively frozen user's accounts for the last 2 days, following an outage.
Angry customers are still unable to access their accounts, and payments (including Direct Debits) have gone unpaid, causing some customers to go overdrawn.
Reports are appearing that a power-cut in Spain has caused the outage, but hard questions are being asked of the bank's IT disaster recovery strategy.

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