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Comment Re:Try an internship (Score 1) 255

Except the intern I am paying and teaching, but maybe I am getting old. I can't justify having someone work for me and not pay them, especially since I am making money off him and expect deadlines to be met.

For the record, I had two paid internships while I was in college and both were above minimum wage in computer science industry. I found them through my college, which offered a co-op program: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Benefits and drawbacks (Score 1) 244

I have no problem with monitoring parolees, that's part of the bargain. Wearing a tracking device to get out of jail early, submit to drug testing, etc. However, tracking people who have not committed any crime is a different story. Here's a scenario, a 'clean record' man loses his wife due to a drunk driver. He buys a gun and starts hanging out near the defendant (all realistically trackable by an algorithm collecting records & gps data), what is an appropriate response, if any?

Comment Comment on your last interview (Score 2) 157

Care to comment on your last answer from your last interview here on slashdot?

McAfee: The attorney for the House Ways and Means Committee contacted me and asked if I would help. I said “no”. I would never run for office, neither would I want to be in office, of any kind. I would rather drive a nail through my foot.

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