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Comment Not Lt. Lieutenant Murtagh! (Score 2) 59

Carl: If we're gonna die together, Lou, I'd at least like to know your first name.
Murtagh: Lieutenant.
Carl: I know you're my boss and I'm supposed to call you lieutenant--
Murtagh: I had it legally changed when I was promoted.
Carl: Okay. But what was your name before you got promoted?
Murtagh: Sergeant.

Comment Re:Technically... (Score 2) 1277

"Republic" is almost the same word except that the people who 'represent' the governed don't have to be (but usually are) directly chosen in an election.

See, the good folks in Utah are just getting their kids ready for the day when the only election is the Forbes 400 picking a Doge with near-dictatorial power. We'll still be a Republic(tm)! And the Medicis will finally get to cash in with a reality show.

Comment Re:Outlook (Score 1) 294

That you spend your entire day in an overgrown Email program speaks to your skill set more than anything else.

Switch "your skill set" to your boss's skill set, and I'll agree with everything you just said. The world's capacity for *nix coders and administrators, though arbitrarily large, is finite.

Comment Re:Bye-bye! (Score 1) 997

I'm a tad perplexed on how so many people think that working 11 hours a day is unprofitable. A huge amount of business owners, lawyers, MDs, scientists, freelancers do that. Are all these people so retarded they don't understand what's good for themselves?

With respect to long-term health and sanity: Maybe. But in terms of productivity, these folks still put in about eight hours on productive work and the other four on business development, recordkeeping, grant writing or other shit-work that they would love to delegate but, for various reasons, they can't.

Comment Re:Open Platform? (Score 1) 459

I don't have a Galaxy S phone. But from reading the different Android user sites, the counterpoint to your argument is that nobody's been able to develop a custom build for Galaxy S phones that works. You'll notice there's no Cyanogen ROM for the Galaxy S.

Folks are trying. But they still haven't been able to make it work.

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