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Comment Re:It's summer-time, no need to heat your office! (Score 1) 156

Yeah, I don't actually see why people put so much weight on what the card can do when we live in this age of console ports. For me, the max TDP is a much bigger factor (for fan noise reasons more than electricity). And Nvidia seems to be winning on that score also.

Comment Re:These days... (Score 1, Insightful) 892

Everyone's focusing on the first part of that sentence, and not the 2nd...
Take two people who negotiate equally strongly; the one with the penis is called confident and achieving, the one with the vagina is pushy and catty.
So too late, some people (the one's with the vaginas) are already being punished for being good at something.

Comment Plasma 5 is awesome (Score 2) 53

Only slightly on-topic, but I've been using KDE plasma 5 since 5.2 came out. And it's great. I was a refugee escaping from Gnome 3 who went to XFCE for a few years. But that never completely satisfied me.

But KDE does now. Which is funny, because in the days of Gnome 2, I really didn't like KDE.

Comment It's time to shift the minimum of this valley (Score 1) 83

I actually find it a bit funny how big of a deal the uncanny valley still is. But maybe the low-point of the valley is dependent on the person, and I suspect people that have grown up with computers and video games are far less creeped out by it.

For me, the low-point on the curve was from some of the characters in late 90's-early 2000's video games. Think Ocarina of Time or Deus Ex. Once it got past that, I was perfectly comfortable.

As for voice, hell, I could sleep soundly with hal-9000, gladOS, or prof Hawking reading me bedtime stories.

But, as I did actually skim the article, I can see that the article is more about the un-human responses the device gives, not the voice. Which, again, to someone who's grown up with computers, we're used to the occasional rediculous, non-sensical answers. It doesn't matter if my computer has an almost-human voice, I'm still very aware of it's limitations.

Comment Re:Physical security? (Score 1) 374

As someone who has traveled quite a bit in so-called third-world countries, I was also wondering how it is that he's getting so many phones stolen. No it's not impossible (or hard) to stop yourself from being pick-pocketed in poor countries.

If the thief wasn't threatening him with violence, he could probably solve his problem by keeping his phone in a zipped pocket when he's not using it.

Comment Re:More actually... (Score 1) 270

Nice. I'm in the same fun situation. Having a kid got a lot more fun when they could play good games. The legos are great. We've done star wars, and indy jones, but I kind of want to get her to watch lord of the rings before we play that.

Also, ok, I know this isn't the best decision, but she's been wanting to play left-for-dead, and I can only say no so many times, so I say if her grades keep up, then ok. And similar to you, I'll tell her mom "they're zombies, so it's ok".

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