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Comment 6:07 YouTube: Dataflow vs FBP, Reactive vs Non-R. (Score 1) 268

As data flow seems to be a more well known concept for some, watch this excellent 6 minute exposition of the differences between:

1. Data flow vs. Flow based programs
2. Reactive vs Non-reactive
3. Event based vs Query or Call/Return based
4. Eager vs Lazy evaluation

Some of the most clarifying bits of speech I have ever listened to.

Comment Indeed, actually exists FBP shell based FBP lib (Score 2) 268

Indeed, unix pipes, especially if usning named FIFOs as well, is a subset of the Flow based programming paradigm fullfilling quite a bit of it's specifications. A full FBP implementation adds a few things like option ports (could be done in shell with parameters though), custom information packet design (is only text strings in unix), and so called "initiation information packets", and surely a few more.

There is actually an attempt at implementing a full FBP system in shell scripts only, which is kind of cool. It was discussed in the flow based programming forum,here:!searchin/flow-based-programming/shell/flow-based-programming/PC96WYOAwAU/ICRZg_5K1XMJ

Comment Please do your homework. FBP proven since 40 years (Score 1) 268

You should all do some homework before throwing out all this prejudice. Flow based programming has been successfully used in many implementations ever since it's invention in the 70's at IBM. One Canadian bank has been running (and maintaining) an FBP program continuously for over 40 years!

You are right that FBP (or something very close) can be found in successful systems such as Unix pipes, LabView and Apple quartz composer. If you read FBP inventor J P Morrisons canonical book on the topic (linked below) though, you will notice that there are some details to the FBP specifications that should be observed, in order to gain all the full benefits of a full-featured FBP implementation.

Some homework suggestions for you all:

1. Why not start with NoFlo creator, Henri Bergius' excellent post, "NoFlo Kickstarter, the hacker's perspective":
2. Watch the intro video to FBP and NoFlo:
3. Read up/watch some more on the NoFlo (finished) kickstarter page:
4. Read up a bit on FBP inventor J P Morrisons website:
5. Join the discussion in the FBP group:!forum/flow-based-programming
6. Join the FBP Google+ community:
7. Last but not least, read the book!

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