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Comment Re:How about we hackers? (Score 1) 863

no i'm sorry, you are right. i have spent enough time to elaborate with people who simply don't understand/don't care the job i do. Just let me choose not to use systemd and all his amazing features that make you orgasm whenever someone names it. Time will tell us if this is the new paradigm of modern operating systems or it is the new HAL.

Comment Re:How about we hackers? (Score 1) 863

True the syslog format is simple to use, easy to parse, etc, but it doesn't work all that well for anything more than simple logs.

what are you talking about? none is forcing you to use syslogd if you don't want to use it: apache, nginx, mysql, etc. etc. all of them use their own format and they can simply bypass syslogd . there's no need to add binary format except for the fact that now i could have all those logs corrupted and unreadable where before i could have at least got some part of the information. Sure, i can disable it.. how long before it would be mandatory due to some dependency?

Comment Re:How about we hackers? (Score 1) 863

5 seconds less is not going to change my life.

Yes but add those 5 seconds up hundreds of times and they do add up to something. The real question is what are you loosing by cutting 5 seconds off of your boot times? I would assume nothing. And what are you gaining by cutting 5 seconds off of your boot time? You are gaining your time back,

Seems like the pros outweigh the cons to me.

since it's a server we are talking about it's a 5 seconds every 3 months or even more (depending on security issue kernel updates etc. etc.) . so yeah in total i'd save 1 minute per year which doesn't justify all the rest of the problems systemd gives me. We could argue about desktop systems and the given benefits of systemd for that environment but, for servers there are no real gains and there are real pains (i don't want my apache to be restarted if it's crashed i want to go and solve the problem, that is my job and by doing that systemd is actually not helping at all).

Comment Re:How about we hackers? (Score 1) 863

Also indexed logging is something that isn't really needed by people with a GUI, it's needed by system admins who actually need to look over their logs. My RHEL7 systems ship their logs just fine with syslog, but when I am on the system I love being able to filter logs with journald. I keep seeing people complain about not being able to grep/awk/whatever through their logs but pipe seems to work fine for me with journald.

it is not complaining about grep awk or sed it's the fact that syslog format is easy to use and be parsed if you know your job. so journald solved a problem that only those too lazy to learn regex or basic unix tools were having . on the other hand journad introduces problems like corruption and unreadability of logs that before we hadn't .

Comment Re:How about we hackers? (Score 1) 863

I manage several hundred servers and I would love faster boot times. Nothing worse than wasting my time waiting for a machine to come back online.

It's these kinds of statements that show no knowledge of what part of the boot is the OS and what part is the hardware that make me cry about the current state of system administrators. If a significant time of your wait is for the OS to load, then you've configured your server wrong or are using toy hardware.

By far the largest amount of time taken in boot for servers is the hardware checks. For VMs, boot times are already less than 15 seconds, even including the "hardware check", so that's no big deal.

And, for systems that get rebooted once ever 3 months or so, even a minute isn't really a big deal. The only time I really care about boot times are when I'm running through a lot of reboots on the same system, which is usually only when it is first installed and I'm doing hardware config.

totally agree: on VM boot time is already under 30 seconds which is fast enough. on physical machine 90% of wait time is due to hardware/bios checks, that 5 seconds less is not going to change my life. Let me add: if your problem is having a fast boot/reboot of your server and your architecture rely on those 5 seconds less than there's something wrong in your architecture.

Comment Re:Or, just don't get married. (Score 1) 447

from an us point of view that could be the only benefit but, European here - thanks to marriage your partner can also get: - a fraction of your pension in case of death - a fraction of your inheritance despite your testament - she/he can stay near your bed in hospital in case of severe injuries - she/he can decide/firm for some cures/treatments instead of your parents i have been living with my girlfriend/spouse these last ten years or so, she knows what i think about death, euthanasia and so on. i trust, in case of incidents she will be able to put the right decision, the one i most believe in. i know my parents, i know we have opposite idea about euthanasia and frankly, in case something happened to me i really doubt that they would respect my idea and that they would go with their. so yeah, marriage is only a piece of paper but one that has a big importance.

Comment Re: Lennart Poetterings rebuttal (Score 1) 613
* journald will no longer forward all local data to another running syslog daemon. This change has been made because rsyslog (which appears to be the most commonly used syslog implementation these days) no longer makes use of this, and instead pulls the data out of the journal on its own. Since forwarding the messages to a non-existent syslog server is more expensive than we assumed we have now turned this off. If you run a syslog server that is not a recent rsyslog version, you have to turn this option on again (ForwardToSyslog= in journald.conf).

Comment Re:Privacy issue: DNA dragnets (Score 1) 513

well your concerns are good but i think that instead of fighting the idea to give your DNA you should pretend that the dna will be used only for that investigation, that any information will be destroyed afterward and that - no matter what - it will be used against you from health insurance corp.

Comment who's responsible of the data (Score 2) 339

from TFA: >For Fisher the trouble started when instead of just viewing the films for personal entertainment, he allegedly went on to share copies on BitTorrent. what if my computer is stolen or simply hacked and then those films were putted on bittorrent from someone else? Do i have to be responsible of those movies even in those circumstances so, i don't own them but i'm responsible as if i was a co-author ?


i'd really like to waste my time on developing a driver for nvidia, for free but also because i see it as a way to say to the world how good (or how bad) i am at writing code. in the end i'd even give it for free to nvidia so other can work with it and help the o.s. driver grow. we can't and you know why ? because nvidia doesn't give away specs for their hardware, they are very jealous of their "i.p." and to do that driver you need to go for reverse engineering which, right now, other than being hard and long way is even illegal in most country. so i agree with linus, f**ck you nvidia, at least amd is supporting o.s.

Submission + - 17% Smaller DES S-box Circuits Found ( 2

solardiz writes: "DES is still in use, brute-force key search remains the most effective attack on it, and it is an attractive building block for certain applications (the key size may be increased e.g. with 3DES). Openwall researchers, with funding from Rapid7, came up with 17% shorter Boolean expressions representing the DES S-boxes. Openwall's John the Ripper 1.7.8 tests over 20 million of combinations against DES-based crypt(3) per second on Core i7-2600K 3.4 GHz, which roughly corresponds to DES encryption speed of 33 Gbps."

Comment not censorship (Score 1) 2

please, please, this is slashdot not your political forum, just go somewhere else if you want to talk about you first minister. You can say it's censorship when in your article you say you want to kill someone and you hope for his death, would you call censorship if the article closed was about recreating nazi party and go another time for the "final solution" ? There is a known ontoloy for journalists, and that article simply forget it.. just to get some more viewers, also in italy there's an old law called: apologia di reato which means you can't tell people to go and commit crimes. Finally for the submitter, at least put a good link for the savona e ponente blog, which is

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