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Journal sammyF70's Journal: OLPC G1G1 offer in Europe ... possibly

With OLPC XO Laptops selling for over 400 USD on ebay, one could just wonder WHEN the OLPC Give One Get One offer (you buy an OLPCs for the price of two, the second one is sent to a needy child in a third world country) would be restarted.
But even if it was restarted, it still left europeans out in the cold as the program was only available to US and canadian residents
This might apparently change, as Walter Bender, OLPC's president, is quoted in a PC World article saying that "At some point we might do it in Europe".

That's great news for Europeans who were turned off by the prohibitive prices in the online auctions but still wanted one of the sturdy little beasts, considering the price under the G1G1 offer was 398 partly tax-deductible US dollars (approx. 270 EURO)
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OLPC G1G1 offer in Europe ... possibly

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