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Comment Re:Why they forked (Score 1) 64

"A trademark should not be used as part of your product name."

It would help if you quoted the appropriate trademark, which isn't any of the items listed on that page, it's this:

And makes absolutely no mention of "not modifying the Linux source code" which would be a ridiculous requirement.

Comment Re:Why they forked (Score 4, Informative) 64

As a user (still on pfsense) who watched it all go down, I'm going to scream BS. ESF basically shut down the build tools and went *COMPLETELY DARK* for almost two weeks as I recall it. Not responding to anybody, and basically saying "give us time to figure out what we're going to do". You guys were pissed that there were third parties selling hardware when that was your primary source of revenue, and nobody had any idea what your plans were.

After much outcry from the community, things slowly started opening back up. If nothing else, OPNsense seemed to kick the team in the ass to actually make a GUI that doesn't look like it's from the early 90s. I love pfsense, but this whole "we didn't do anything wrong, we have no idea why they reacted like that" is complete and utter bullshit. You guys made it very clear your intent was to stop other people from selling hardware using the PFsense logo/name, and were originally planning on making it EXTREMELY difficult for people to make customized builds of pfsense as a way to accomplish that.

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 1) 97

Dell's last two attempts at storage - equallogic and compellent - have been complete and utter failures. Their portion of market share isn't even a rounding error. EMC would give them a legitimate play in storage, not even taking into account RSA and their other software products.

Comment MS just can't win (Score 2) 628

For literally decades MS has been getting lit up for all the botnets in the wild based off of unpatched Windows boxes. So, they finally do what everyone knows needed to be done, and force updates on home users, to ensure they get patched. And what does slashdot do when MS finally does what was asked of them? Bitches and moans that they don't want what they asked for. Let me guess "you should be able to easily disable it" - so that the first vulnerability that hits a Windows box turns updating off, and we're right back where we started. Am I a big fan of it? No. But I 100% get the reason for it.

Comment Re: trickle down economics (Score 2) 227

If a 'rich fucker' lives in a house that is valued at twice the average value in their community, then they pay twice the property taxes to help fund public schools their 'average' neighbor pays. (There are no deductions or loopholes.) If that 'rich fucker' then turns around and enrolls their child in a private school they are 100% responsible for the tuition costs and get NO deduction or credit on their property taxes.

That depends ENTIRELY on the state. There are plenty of states that give the parents vouchers to send their kids to that private school. So no, they aren't 100% responsible for the tuition costs, and they do get a "deduction" or whatever you want to label it, in the form of a voucher.

The real motivation for change/improvement in public education will be school choice/vouchers - that will allow concerned parents to abandon failing public schools for better ones, and as failing schools are shuttered bad teachers can be weeded out of the system. Competition is healthy, the lack of serious competition is (contributing to) our currently failing public education system.

No, shitty parents are why our schools are failing. There's absolutely nothing a school can do to cope with parents who don't discipline their children, or make any attempt to help them with their homework. There are only so many hours in the day, and at some point a parent needs to be a parent. When all those "failing public schools" close down, and the state mandates private schools not turn children away, the same shitty parents with the same shitty kids will cause the same shitty problems in the private schools. You're delusional if you think otherwise. Unless of course you're advocating that private schools should be allowed to deny students access to an education after all of the public schools have shutdown. In which case you and your elitest worldview can pound fucking sand. When the poor revolt don't expect anyone to rise up and defend you.

Comment Re:Finally ... (Score 1) 95

That's great if you're either:
A. doing startup type work where you don't necessarily care about an enterprise support agreement so you can use one of the illumos derivatives. And when I say enterprise support agreement, I mean things like having the OS on your storage vendor support matrix/application support matrix/HBA support matrix/etc.

B. you can tolerate dealing with the devil and using Solaris proper with *shudder* Oracle "support".

For everyone else, while I agree this is a sad, sad imitation of Zones - at least it's a start.

Comment Re:and what will happen to people automated out of (Score 1) 341

How are you planning on acquiring those raw materials when they're all owned by a select few who have absolutely no incentive to share them? If they've already got all the money they could ever want, why would they bother selling it to you? In their ideal world you die, and they buy whatever pittance you own for pennies on the dollar.

Comment Re:Bollocks. (Score 1) 138

If that were the case they'd limit it on everything, not just mobile GPUs. Clock speed is just one of the ways Nvidia differentiates cards, and is usually the one with the least overall effect. It's far easier and more effective to disable pipelines in the card's firmware. Plus it gives the added benefit of binning parts that have faulty hardware (you just turn off the faulty parts instead of throwing out the whole GPU). This isn't about "making people buy the most expensive card".

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