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Submission + - Dear ISP... (

malk315 writes: Dear ISP: Please just give me a public IP address and route my packets. Sincerely, The Customer. I don't care about 10 e-mail boxes with secretly limited unlimited storage, free virus software thats useless to me, terabytes of "web space", your lousy overtaxed DNS servers (Bind on my own box works fine for me thanks), and your free wireless router, rented cable/dsl modem for too much money, and free bowl of soup. Just route my packets from your big pipe to me and vice versa please... I'm not asking for much... packets in, packets out... Blocking port 80 or raising the bill because I have a webserver running, regulating torrent traffic, shaping and, do downloads from compare to performance? Nope. Then there's VOIP. I realize you want to use QOS to favor your own VOIP offering, but you'll probably limit everything else. And when I do use VOIP of my choice and have some websites or outbound e-mail of my own for my own domains, how about some reasonable upstream bandwidth? What will the future bring? Are things destined to get worse?

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