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Comment CPC (Score 1) 857

First real computer was a Amstrad (Actually Schneider, but it's the same thing) CPC464 with a green screen.
I had an Atari 2600 before that. My cousin wanted an Atari as well, but his parents bought him a C64. When he got it, i went over to check it out and, sure the gfx and sound were way better then the 2600, but what the real big deal was, was that you could enter programs and create your own stuff. There was even an extensive manual included. C64 was too expensive, the CPC464 was a complete solution with screen and costed less, my parents got me one of those. I loved it!

Comment everything around it changed (Score 1) 467

computing itself is still pretty much fun these days, whatever you miss from the old days you can fire up an old machine or emulator just as easy.
what has changed, and probably will never come back is the culture around it, which was very different.
a simple example is a book store, if you were lucky and the book store had a computer section, it was filled with cool high tech books. walk into a book store now and find useless bs like masterin your iphone, photoshop mastery in 24h, internet explorer unlocked, surfing the world wide web.

Comment good for both ubuntu and gnome (Score 2) 386

Just remember how both gnome & ubuntu advanced when they worked together. I think both grew stronger during that time and had were at their best.
They splits ways, for no good reason, sure the first release of Gnome 3 was not really up to snuff, but Unity can almost be completely remade in Gnome 3 with extentions etc. Now combining forces again, both projects can grow faster and advance at a faster pace.
Also, there is no reason why Gnome 3 wouldn't be a good fit for a phone/tablet just as much as Unity was.

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