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Comment Re:Translation: (Score 3, Funny) 203

How is this not in their interest? Why should Google give two shits about what Nexus users want, especially as far as having a bloatware-free phone?

Because they don't want to drive more people to alternative roms.

This is no different from everyone bitching and complaining about Windows 10... the customers aren't going to go anywhere, they're just going to complain and then bend over.

Speak for yourself, ankle-grabber.

Comment and another thing (Score 2) 235

"Please folks -- this cell phone case is not a cool product or a good idea. A police officer's job is hard enough, without having to make a split second decision in the dark of night when someone decides without thinking to pull this out while stopped for a motor vehicle violation..."

And further: do not make it so that to unlock the phone, you have to activate its voice recognition and then scream into it, "I'm gonna GIT you mothahfuckah!"

Just sayin'.

Comment Why all the pretending? (Score 1) 206

What does it matter if they do have a bias? They're a private company. In the same way that they're free to be unethical (just not outright illegal) about what data they collect and what they do with it, they're equally free to decide that they want to promote scalping baby seals for millionaires' sexual pleasure. The only motivation they have to pretend otherwise is whether they think they'll lose eyeballs/dollars incrementally in any given scenario. Frankly, I *liked* the idea that they were suppressing conservative bullshit. (Not that I matter to their bottom line; I've never had an account and never will.)

Comment Re:I'm worried how it's being brushed off at HN! (Score 1) 81

Just so you know: when you post a sky-is-falling position about something that seems pretty harmless, and the org in question is one that's up-ending a long-standing cartel that's held the reigns on something tightly, and you don't give any expansion on why (according to you) it is such a catastrophe, AND you post as Anonymous Coward... well, it makes you look pretty likely to be a shill for the industry that's being up-ended. Just wanted you to know how it comes across.

Comment Re:This is a reason to carry a burner (Score 1) 188

Or, you know, you could just not text while driving. That might be a cheaper and easier way of avoiding fines.

Your "you know" phrasing is rather condescending; if intended, then (insert expletive). If not, please pardon my misinterpretation and read on.

I was offering this as a way to protect the privacy of one's phone even if you weren't texting... I don't want people crawling over the contents of my phone, whether I was texting before that or not.

Past that: I intend to text while driving. I'm good at it. I know when to do it and when not to. I began texting in 2004 and now have 12 years of accident-free driving supporting the idea that I'm doing pretty well at knowing my limits.

Past that: people are going to text while driving, whether I do or not and whether they are good at doing so or not. I'll advise my kids not to because they're very inexperienced; that might slightly reduce the amount they do it, or it might not. When they get to be good drivers, I won't hassle them about it because it will be their choice and their consequences, and they might even be good at it.

When I hear about someone getting killed because they or someone else texted, I'll be sad. Just like I'm sad when I hear someone died because they drove faster than they were really capable. And neither will shock me, and neither will prompt me to go tell my neighbors not to drive fast or to text while driving. Because that would make me an overbearing busybody that people dislike, AND it won't change their choices.

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