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Comment Re:Kind of missing the bigger picture (Score 3, Insightful) 86

The VR angle is most likely an attempt to just make the study appear more modern and relevant.

To properly test the VR aspect, they should repeat the study with non-VR stimulus to see if there is a significant difference in improvement.

Otherwise it is just a study in meditation effect on stress response with the VR just tacked on so that tech news will carry it.

Comment Re:Good news! (Score 2) 227

Assuming of course that this isn't just Sony doing viral marketing.

Why not take advantage of being hacked to promote up a movie that was going to bomb hard. Create "evidence" that the subject of mocking was behind it.

Not saying that is what they are doing, but I won't be surprised to find out 6 months from now that they did.

Comment Proof that Lawyers are the real terrorists (Score 1) 580

While on its face this reaction appears quite stupid, if there were just one physical attack on one theater, the survivors and families of the victims would sue Sony for a lot claiming that they had a credible threat and ignored it.

Mind you, I believe that they are just using this as a propaganda move. Free publicity, and when it does finally get released the attendance will be significantly higher than it otherwise would have been.

Comment Re:Not investors (Score 2) 20

While a number of projects certainly are treated this way, it is this attitude from users that has ruined my enjoyment of backing projects.

Backers are certainly not investing in the traditional sense since they do not get any share of profits, etc, but once upon a time, they were investing in having an idea become available. I backed many projects just to see the idea come to be. Ideas that could not get funding through traditional means. Between a mix of people who were trying to get a fast buck and backers loudly complaining that their "pre-order" was taking too long, it just became too much trouble.

People could no longer take chances on interesting things because they had to provide constant assurances to backers that they would get their loot.

A project pretty much has to be good to go now which has made it difficult for new people to get into the game with fresh ideas. There is too much risk those projects might fail and backers will come screaming for their money back.

Comment Re:In the absence of an effective goverment... (Score 0) 427

If the total doesn't change, that really doesn't prove anything. Other technologies help reduce accidents. 1 in 4 accidents were linked to cell phone use. If all of those accidents could have been avoided, you would probably have seen a drop in rates.

I do honestly believe that some people can drive and talk on a phone at the same time safely, but they should have to prove they have that skill rather than just let everyone do it and hope for the best.

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