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Submission + - Nokia's Next Two Patent Suits Against Apple (

An anonymous reader writes: The tit-for-that between Apple and Nokia continues. Nokia just filed an ITC complaint and a lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Delaware. says 'Nokia won't take no for an answer' and keeps insisting that Apple pay patent royalties even though an ITC judge made a negative 'initial determination' concerning 5 Nokia patents previously asserted against Apple. Nokia claims it now has 46 patents in suit against Apple. The six latest ones are listed here and cover database synchronization and other concepts. Reuters quotes different observers including Florian Mueller, who thinks Nokia is frustrated that things take so long but is sending out a strong and unambiguous message that at the end of this epic battle Apple is going to have to send royalty checks to Finland.' But Steven Nathasingh, chief executive of U.S. research firm Vaxa Inc., believes that 'market momentum is working against Nokia.' Apart from the 37 patent lawsuits related to Android, Nokia's fight with Apple is the most bitterly fought patent battle in the industry. Even before this week's new filings, it was already a world-spanning conflict of huge proportions.

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