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Submission + - Object seen in skydiver's helmetcam unlikely to be a meteorite 3

The Bad Astronomer writes: The viral video showing what looked like a meteorite falling past a skydiver made quite a splash, with many people assuming it was true. However, further analysis shows that it's also perfectly consistent with being a small (1-3 cm) rock that fell out of the parachute itself, which is a far more likely explanation.

Submission + - SPAM: Two guys create world's first opensource volumetric display 1

DonJuanTron writes: Introducing the HoloDome, the world's first consumer Volumetric Display. Over the last four years we have designed, built and successfully tested a prototype of the display. It is a rather steampunk and beautiful thing that is mezmerising to witness. We are now ready to launch this Pozible campaign to help us raise the funds required to bring this exciting new technology into your shed or living room.

A Volumetric Display is a type of 3D display that creates a visual representation of an object or scene in three physical dimensions. This is different from most current 3D display technologies that use special glasses to trick the eye into perceiving a two dimensional image in three dimensions. A Volumetric Display does not require special glasses to be worn and can be viewed from any angle.

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Submission + - Pirate Bay Moves to The Cloud, Becomes Raid-Proof (

concealment writes: "The Pirate Bay has made an important change to its infrastructure. The world’s most famous BitTorrent site has switched its entire operation to the cloud. From now on The Pirate Bay will serve its users from several cloud hosting providers scattered around the world. The move will cut costs, ensure better uptime, and make the site virtually invulnerable to police raids — all while keeping user data secure."

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