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Journal Journal: Nigerian OLPC patent lawsuit

Seems like the OLPC will have a hard time, threatening the the big players turf has it's consequences. A US-based Nigerian company has sued Nicolas Negroponte and the OLPC project, the keyboard seems to be the culprit.

The Internet

Journal Journal: Google CEO on technology and trends

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, spoke about how technology is transforming the world (and simultaneously being transformed by it) in yesterday's riveting keynote address at a Washington based thinktank. The juicy bits are via captured on youtube, so rtfa should be rather vtfa.

Journal Journal: Hubble shut down

The Hubble Space Telescope is temporarily idle because of power supply problems. The U.S. space agency NASA says the orbiting observatory's main camera may not regain full function, but other instruments are expected to resume their searches in a few days. VOA's David McAlary reports.

Journal Journal: Slashdot given credit on ForeignPolicy

Congrats /. one of the <subjective>leading</subjective> foreign policy media outlets has mentioned you in their blog. "It's a particularly inauspicious time to be launching a new newspaper, with dead-tree media companies struggling with revenue models that can overcome the Internet's free culture (exemplified by craigslist, the newspaper-killer). And it's not as if the politicos left an institution that doesn't get Web 2.0: has long since embraced blogs, video and audio, and comments, as has The technological features are relatively easy; Slashdot pioneered many of them eons ago."

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