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Submission + - Congressman meets streisand effect (

An anonymous reader writes: Despite getting a quick injunction against news media. Indian congressman Abhishek Manu Singhvi was found playing wack-a-mole with the social media as he tired to suppress a video showing him receiving sexual favor's in return for elevating a female lawyer to a Judge post

The cat-and-mouse game continued all night with netizens repeatedly posting the video on YouTube and uploading bit torrent files on file sharing platforms, from where they can be downloaded. As of this morning, there are websites that are streaming the video as embeds. Feisty commentators on Twitter have been posting links and mocking Singhvi all night quote source.

Singhvi's response to the episode was "Obviously, an organised gang has been purposely used by motivated interests to concertedly use the social sites for sensationalism and permanent damage. Remember, this can happen to anyone and if this lawlessness is allowed to continue as it is, we will all be consumed shortly,"

CurrentlySinghvi's colleague and friend Kapil Sibbal is busy (since last year protest against corruption) trying to prevent this lawlessness by censoring facebook, twitter and google

Singhvi's driver,The originator of the video said "Plaintiffs(i.e. Mr Singhvi) have assured me that the dispute between me and the plaintiffs now stands settled amicably and that they shall not take any legal action including seeking any damages in any police station or any court of law in present or in future against me and withdraw the compliant/FIR (first information report) no 102/12 against me made by the plaintiffs,"

Mr. Lal may later realize that while Mr Singhvi may not take any legal action the possibility of illegal action as taken by his fellow congressman is wide open

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