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Earth and Moon From an Alien's Perspective 150

krygny writes "NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft (whose extended mission is called EPOXI) has created a video of the moon transiting Earth as seen from 31 million miles away. Scientists are using the video to develop techniques to study alien worlds. 'Our video shows some specific features that are important for observations of Earth-like planets orbiting other stars,' said Drake Deming of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center... 'A "sun glint'" can be seen in the movie, caused by light reflected from Earth's oceans, and similar glints to be observed from extrasolar planets could indicate alien oceans. Also, we used infrared light instead of the normal red light to make the color composite images, and that makes the land masses much more visible.'" Here are links to the two videos, one red-green-blue and the other infrared-green-blue.
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Submission + - Zapak set to buy Sony Online Entertainment? (

Heartless Gamer writes: "Zapak Digital entertainment, the online gaming company promoted by Anil Ambani-led ADAG group, is all set to buy out Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) for around $300 million. This acquisition is in line with the future plans of Zapak Digital, which is planning to enter the gaming space in China by early next year. "This makes perfect sense for us, as around 80% of content in the gaming industry is manufactured internationally. Buying out Sony, will not only give us access but also expand our reach in the global market," said a senior Zapak Official."
The Internet

Submission + - Presidential Campaign Moves to Domain Names

Hugh Pickens writes: "ABC News reports that the Barack Obama campaign secretly registered two internet domain names that may seem to insult the former First Lady personally. The web sites, and — connect to a Web site where the Obama campaign catalogues Clinton's attacks on Obama, "Apparently nothing says 'hope' like an attack Web site," said Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson. But Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton denies that his campaign is calling Clinton "desperate." Rather, he insists, they are calling her attacks "desperate." "Hillary Clinton has been launching desperate attacks on Obama for many months now and our Web site has carefully detailed and refuted each one," said Burton. ABC also reports that Clinton has registered two domain names, and, that will be used to paint Obama as cowardly since he occasionally voted "present" as an Illinois state legislator when it came time to vote on controversial legislation although neither site is operating at present."

Submission + - Inside a Modern Malware Distribution System 1

Scrabblous writes: "This article provides a peek at the backend code and control server associated with Pushdo, a complex Trojan downloader that meticulously tracks its victims. From the article: For starters, the Pushdo controller uses the GeoIP geolocation database in conjunction with whitelists and blacklists of country codes to allow the malware distributor to limit one of the malware loads from infecting users located in a particular country. It also goes a step further, logging the victim's primary hard drive serial number, tracking whether the file system is NTFS, the number of times the victim system has launched a Pushdo variant, and the Windows OS version that executed the malware."

Submission + - Japan Moon Probe Snaps First Photos (

mrcgran writes: " reports: "Almost one month after Japan's successful launch of the Kaguya lunar probe, the unmanned observatory has begun its first major activities in orbit around the moon. In addition to snapping its first lunar images, the probe jettisoned one of two 110-pound (50-kilogram) "baby" satellites that will help create a detailed gravity map of the moon." The major objectives of the "KAGUYA" mission are to obtain scientific data of the lunar origin and evolution and to develop the technology for the future lunar exploration. "KAGUYA" consists of a main orbiting satellite at about 100km altitude and two small satellites (Relay Satellite and VRAD Satellite) in polar orbit."
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Submission + - Car prices in Canada Vs US

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