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Comment ubuntu (Score 1) 3

All flavors of ubuntu mark their versions as (year).(month) or by name. So if it was latest available version and you remember when you installed, you can figure out the version number and code name here:
As far as I can say, it never let me down on any machine :) but haven't tried the latest couple of versions yet.

Comment Re:So only XP is out of luck? (Score 1) 442

I admit I didn't stick to the LTS releases, but Linux changes so fast you end up with an even worse experience if you do use only the LTS anyway.

This might be a mistake on your side - AFAIK the Ubuntu team plus their beta-testers are mostly focused on upgrades from one previous version, PLUS previous LTS version of Ubuntu. So upgrades between LTS versions are usually well tested and discrepancies documented, if not solved before release.

So to get out of the cycle, just wait for next LTS version expected in April 2010, and then wait for another LTS version... unless they change their release process in the meantime :-)

Comment Re:A Very Shortsighted Article (Score 1) 487

RAID 10 would offer them the ability to lose 1/2 the drives for a smaller performance penalty than losing 2 drives in a RAID 6.

No, two dead drives in the same pair and the array is toast on raid 10. Two drives and the RAID 6 they described survives.

One of these rack units can survive at least two drive failures, but can survive zero power supply failures. I've pitched many more dead power supplies than hard drives. If the power supply dies during a write (RAID + no battery backup + two parity drives), consider the array corrupted.

Comment Another misc. response (Score 1) 19

Re checkbox - users with subscription have those, maybe someone gave you subscription as a gift?
Re worries and suicide - I was more worried about some crazy drunk picking wrong target (you) than anything.. the diary entries show that you've got pretty strong mind :-) Glad to hear from you again.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 607

You should think about what you say! You just want the dissenter to shut up and go exile, because he thinks the current system (the best one, as you say) can still be improved.
From this I can only concur you're working in government and your position depends on the "grease" (pork etc.) that oils the hands of both plutocratic parties that are currently ruling over the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Comment Re:He lives! (Score 1) 9

I was worried too.. glad to see you back :-)
Regarding the book, that would be a good idea. Maybe collecting all the articles and making a PDF or e-book, or maybe the dead-tree thing from low-cost publisher (we're all after the content anyway).

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