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Comment Re:Apple is behind (Score 5, Insightful) 66

I think that's really the key though. With the iPhone, they took the concept of a smartphone and made it into something that was user friendly and that people wanted to use. Same with the iPad/Tablet Computers. Previous attempts existed, but were clunky and offered (relatively) crappy user experiences.

If they can take Google's clunky concept and come up with a way to use it that is aesthetically appealing and easy to use (and live with), they could have a winner on their hands.

The real question is if they can do a proper job of it without Steve Jobs at the helm.

(Disclaimer: Not a fan of apple at all as a company and own zero apple devices. Just acknowledging the obvious.)

Comment Re:It's past time. (Score 1) 1430

The electoral college was specifically designed so the person who won the popular vote could still lose the election. When this happens, it's not a flaw. It's literally working EXACTLY as it was designed to do.

The reason this is important is because it prevents the big cities from destroying the rural areas of the country which are what actually keeps the ball rolling in our society (oil, natural gas, manufacturing, mining, farming, etc). When policy changes that make sense to city-living people wreck the lives and livelihoods of the people in rest of the country, ultimately the entire system comes crashing down.

Comment Re:Rule the waves? (Score 2) 432

My thought on it is that if the nation went to war in which naval battles were a possibility (or actually happening), the budget would be instantaneously available to them to do whatever necessary to protect their seas. I'm sure they also have a rather large stockpile they could draw on in the meantime as well.

Comment Re:Twitter is now arbiter of truth (Score 1) 978

He's talking about shared values. He never implied that they didn't have the right, as a business, to censor their own network. They do...but they also establish themselves as separate from the ideals of free speech.

This is especially important because the hatred from the alt-left is every bit as racist and inflammatory, yet they're left to their own devices. There is obviously heavy bias there.

I'm a middle of the road Independent and I voted 3rd party instead of for trump or hillary, but I just deactivated my twitter account over this. Not interested in supporting or participating in a venture that squelches the voices of those they disagree with. The inability of people to even discuss opposing viewpoints is what led to the echo-chamber driven "faux-shock" when Trump won the election.

Comment Re:Corrections and more (Score 1) 822

Considering every mainstream news site is plastering it all over their homepages, I don't think it's just being seized upon by Trump. I would definitely love to know Comey's motivations for this. I'm guessing there was a lot of internal pressure or, at the risk of sound like a conspiracy theorist, someone had some dirt on him and forced the issue.

Comment CC Number would be better. (Score 1) 76

I've never had to provide the CSC number for any in-person purchase. Any time my CC number has been snagged and used somewhere, it's been used at a physical location and not online. This doesn't really put a stop to that, unfortunately.

I'd love a CC that changed the actual card number after every purchase or swipe. :P They'd run out of numbers pretty fast though. They'd need a new scheme.

Comment Re:Burning cash (Score 2) 177

My gripe with the platform has always been the quality and selection of apps. I personally LOVE the phone interface. It's so slick and feels so great to use. I've had major issues with every single major app I've ever tried to use.

It sadly doesn't matter how great the platform itself is if there are so few apps, and those that there are are terrible.

It's now become a story of too-little, too-late. They're simply never going to make WinPhone successful...

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 5, Insightful) 467

Sony did not develop No Man's Sky. It's also fairly accurate to say that if someone invests 50 hours into a game and then wants a refund...calling them a thief isn't too far off base. That's the same for any retail business out there. If you bought a game and want a refund after an hour or two of trying to get things to work right, that's perfectly fine. 50 hours? No way.

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