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Comment Re:The land of "Last one in is a rotten egg" (Score 2) 351

Any attempt at high-density housing is often met with hostility from environmental NIMBYs and hostile existing property owners unwilling to give any room to these efforts by filing complaints and grievances. The intense culture surrounding perpetual property value increases is baffling in one sense considering the supposed social conscience that is supposed to exist in the Bay Area.

Wait.. I've heard this before. It's called: "I've got mine, so fuck you!"

I never knew SF was such a bastion of Republican values... It seems like personal greed is universal despite political ideologies.

Comment Re: Security expert? (Score 5, Insightful) 330

This is precisely how the anti theft software for my Macs work. For it to be most effective, you should set the firmware password (to prevent booting off other media), encrypt the disk, set a password on your account, and leave the guest account active.

The whole idea is to get the thief to use it so it can phone home. If it is locked up too tight, they'll just be parted out or tossed.

That nifty law they passed for kill switches in cell phones means they no longer steal phones to resell and reactivate, now they just steal them for the the parts.

Comment Re: Eight function toilet? (Score 1) 187

The nozzle is just under the seat, not in the lower part of the bowl. Most modern Japanese toilets have the nozzle on a retractable wand that is always out of the "drop zone" and emerges only when commanded to do so with the controls.

So no, you cannot pee or crap on them* and they keep pretty clean on their own. But there is also a button that will extend it for a wipe down.

*If you push the button while dropping a load, all bets are off. If you push it while peeing, it'll piss back at you, but the modern Toto units won't deploy if there's no one on the seat.

Comment Re: Share and Enjoy! (Score 5, Informative) 187

It's not "enema"

It's Stop, Butt Rinse, Butt Rinse (gentle, for hemorrhoids), Feminine Wash, and Air Dry.

Opening the cover for those controls you usually only mess with once is just for comedic effect. But those controls are for moving the jet forward or backward to bullseye the target area, stream strength, pulsed or non-pulsing streams, temperature, and seat warming settings.

Yeah, we had one of these. Don't knock them till you try them, your sphincter will thank you later, especially when wiping is like trying to get peanut butter out of a shag carpet.

Comment Re:It IS hipsterism (if that's a word) (Score 1) 564

A good type II tape like Maxell UD-XLII or TDK-SA made amazing recordings.

Thanks for the flash of nostalgia. I used to make tons of recordings on Maxell and TDK tapes, before finally settling on my go-to choice: Maxell UD-XLIIS. Most of my stuff didn't play metal tapes, and I gravitated to CDs once the selection in record stores became better than a handful of classical titles and Toto IV.

There's two real memorable times I had when there were leaps in audio technology: The first time I heard a CD in a showroom after a lifetime of cassettes and LPs. And the first time I heard an audio system playing Raiders of the Lost Ark in Beta HiFi.

Nowadays if I want warm, I put a 78rpm record on the Victrola and crank it up (literally).

Comment Re:Won't be allowed in America (Score 5, Interesting) 115

Somehow I'd knew it'd come to this.

This type of article is exactly what you'd expect from The Drudge Report, and /. seems to be a bit late with the news (it was on Drudge last week).

Quite simply:

Japan does not have the same cultural baggage about this you'd find in the west. There's no huge population that had the whole Bible and "Mark of the Beast" drummed into their heads. There's no conspiracy theorists. No persecution of Jews - even though they were an ally of Nazi Germany.

In WWII, for all the things the Japanese did during the war, they did not share the Nazi's attitude towards Jews. Chiune Sugihara saved many European Jews during the war by giving them visas allowing them to escape Europe via Siberia. The government and the military pretty much ignored the orders to round up and exterminate Jews coming from Germany, with the one exception of a ghetto being built in Shanghai. The Japanese did not run any extermination campaigns and pretty much left Jews in their sphere of influence alone during the war.

Because of this, the marking of individuals does not carry the same knee-jerk gut reaction there as it would here, and people in Japan would liken it to how Americans see the commonplace medical alert bracelets.

Comment Nothing to see here (Score 4, Insightful) 287

"It would be extremely difficult for someone, including a nation-state actor, to alter actual ballot counts or election results by cyber attack or intrusion,"

That's rich. With all the whining and hand-wringing about not trusting electronic voting machines since the Bush administration, we already know many cannot be audited and leave no paper trail of ballots cast by voters.

Yeah, they can't because we simply won't know if they did.

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