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Submission + - Senate Approves Immunity for Illegal Wiretapping (

An anonymous reader writes: Senate just passed a bill with an overwhelming majority that will grant immunity to all the telephone companies that participated in the illegal wiretapping. Senate contends that "(Telephone) companies should be thanked, not punished, for helping defend the United States (by helping with illegal wiretapping)". From the article "The Senate bill would provide new protections of civil liberties, such as requiring tougher congressional and judicial oversight." With a congress and judiciary like this say goodbye to our liberties.

Submission + - Is recording from radio a crime?

rvarada writes: XM is being sued by music publishers because their players can record the music. Even though the recording is being done by the end users, which is within fair rights, and XM and the makers of these players are already paying royalties to the music industry. So how long till I will get sued for recording a radio show using a microphone?

Submission + - Can genetic research be a home hobby?

tinkertim writes: "Greetings fellow Slashdotters, especially ones that know something about DNA.

Some friends of mine and I are very curious to get to know more about DNA and want to understand whats 'under our hood' a little more.

We're particularaly interested in some subtle differences between men and women. Some women see things in 4 shades of colors, while men see things in 3. It would be neat to know if two people 'see' the same object the same way, especially amongst friends (and spouses). To know this, we have to be able to look at eachother's DNA and be able to understand what its telling us.

My questions are broad, and I apologize. I hope the nature of these shows those 'in the know' just how very much 'in the dark' the rest of us are.

Labs that do DNA testing have very expensive stuff in them. Is there a less reilable but still informative procedure one can follow using less expensive equipment at home?

Can hobbyists form relationships with testing labs without licenses and other such prerequisites?

Most overall, is this something a reasonably smart person can dive into just for the sake of learning? Lasers at one time were pretty hands off .. but now people have them on keychains. How far into the hands of average people will DNA sequencing technology journey?

Finally, I realize the implications of what I'm asking. For agruments sake, I ask you to to separate the technology from its implications. That being said, please feel free to present any implications that you feel aren't obviated by the question itself.

The question refers only to someone examining their own genetic blueprint for the sake of knowing what it says.

Thanks to all in advance."

Download And Burn Movies Available Soon 97

An anonymous reader writes "According to an article from PC World, a source close to the CSS Managed Recording forum said that technology which allows movies to be downloaded and burned to blank DVDs, using the same content-protection system as commercial discs, received official approval on Thursday. 'The technology will require discs that are slightly different from the conventional DVD-Rs found in shops today. The burned discs will be compatible with the vast majority of consumer DVD players ... Despite Thursday's approval, services that allow consumers to legally download and burn movies in their own homes are unlikely to appear quickly. The DVD CCA said it will be initially restricted to professional uses. These might include kiosks in retail stores where consumers can purchase and burn discs in a controlled environment.'"

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