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Comment Re:Here's a start to regain trust (Score 2) 59

Sure, but you have to realize that institutional cultures do not change overnight.

They can change in one direction slowly -- that's the direction towards maximum decay and corruption. Any other change has to be "overnight" or the institutional forces pushing the other way will defeat it.

Comment Re:Okay, so they've been spying (Score 5, Interesting) 99

What the majority of people complaining about a spy agency that actually spies need to do is realize no one really gives a shit about them or their mundane lives.

That was before they started funneling information to law enforcement for the purposes of criminal investigations. So far it seems to be mostly drugs (but there's a lot of mundane people using illegal drugs), but in the future it could as easily be copyright violation, nanny tax evasion, underaged drinking (think your kids are smart enough to never mention it on the phone? If they are, what about their friends?), or zoning violations.

Comment Re:Operative Assumptions... (Score 1) 99

At this point (honestly well before it) its simpler to assume that any and all communications medium around the globe have been spied upon by the 5 Eyes coalition since at least the mid 80's when Bell and others began to coalesce and merge once more due to deregulation and a very friendly set of first-world government policies.

Not the '80s. The late 1960's.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

I certainly have no problem with "othering" any group that wants to kill me. That includes neo-Nazis as much as radical Muslims. Not only do I not have a problem with "othering" those groups, neither does the US government, or the SPLC for that matter.

Except the "radical Muslims" the SPLC "others" are people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali (apostate, that is, a proclaimed "ex-Muslim") and Majid Nawaz ("liberal" Muslim reformer). Speaking out against conventional Islam makes you an enemy in the SPLCs eyes.

Comment Re:So many frequencies (Score 1) 147

Because its a lot easier to order a $200 drone on Amazon than it is to to build your own.

OK. Still

1) Buy drone, rig with explosives

2) Set "home" location to "target" (chances are someone on the Internet has figured out how to change the "home" location arbitrarily for some drone)

3) Put drone in air, turn off transmitter, drive away.

4) Jam all you want, Johnny Law!

Comment So many frequencies (Score 1) 147

Why wouldn't terrorists use 72Mhz radios you can get for free from people willing to give them away. Why waste expensive electronics on a drone that's just going to blow up anyway?

Assuming they don't go the high-tech autopilot route. If a drone can "return home", it can also "home in on target" with relatively minor software changes.

Comment Re:VAT? (Score 1) 81

The whole point of a VAT (charged at every part in the chain) as opposed to a sales tax (charged only to the final consumer) is that there's a limit to how much you can increase the sales tax rate without rampant fraud at that one single point of sale. Serves 'em right that the VAT opens up new avenues for fraud as well.

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