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Kaminsky DNS Bug Claimed Fixed By 1-Character Patch 120

An anonymous reader writes "According to a thread on the bind-users mailing list, there is nothing inherent in the DNS protocol that would cause the massive vulnerability discussed at length here and elsewhere. As it turns out, it appears to be a simple off-by-one error in BIND, which favors new NS records over cached ones (even if the cached TTL is not yet expired). The patch changes this in favor of still-valid cached records, removing the attacker's ability to successfully poison the cache outside the small window of opportunity afforded by an expiring TTL, which is the way things used to be before the Kaminsky debacle. Source port randomization is nice, but removing the root cause of the attack's effectiveness is better."
Update: 08/29 20:11 GMT by KD : Dan Kaminsky sent this note: "What Gabriel suggests is interesting and was considered, but a) doesn't work and b) creates fatal reliability issues. I've responded in a post here."

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