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Keeping in Contact With Family, From Afghanistan? 176

LiNKz writes "Within a short while I will be heading to Afghanistan and in the interest of keeping in communication with my wife and family I've been looking at different means of it, from VoIP to cellular services. I'm not sure how well connected or how stable of a connection the base I'm deploying to has, which means VoIP might simply not be an option. I have, however, noticed in my searches that Afghanistan has recently boomed with cellular coverage though that too seems to be difficult to ascertain. I'm curious if the Slashdot community has any information or experience regarding international cellular services offered in this country and the means of obtaining it."
United States

Tech-Related Volunteer Gigs 252

jeffomatic writes "Here's a question for Service Day: what kind of volunteer opportunities are available out there for the technologically-inclined? I'm a software developer and I'm wondering if there's anyone in the field engaged in pro-bono work, like IT or teaching or web design or whatnot. I'm not at all above rolling my sleeves up and working at shelters or the local park, but it occurs to me that my professional skills might be usefully applied in the service context as well. I'd like to hear about what other people are doing, in terms of projects, time commitments, organizations, etc." Or just commit a patch to your favorite project.

Submission + - Topic: Boeing flies manned fuel-cell airplane ( 1

airshowfan writes: "Boeing Research & Technology Europe (BR&TE) in Madrid, with assistance from industry partners in many countries, has flown a manned airplane powered by hydrogen fuel cells, a first in aviation history. A Dimona (a.k.a. Katana) motor-glider with a 16.3-meter wingspan was modified by BR&TE to include a Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell/lithium-ion battery hybrid system. Three test flights took place at the airfield in Ocaña over February and March. During the flights, the pilot climbed to an altitude of 3,300 feet ASL using a combination of battery power and power generated by hydrogen fuel cells, then flew straight and level at a cruising speed of 62 miles per hour on power solely generated by the fuel cells for approximately 20 minutes."

Submission + - Hydrogen May Never Be A Feasible Energy Solution (

rbgrn writes: "Hydrogen is the darling of the media, car manufacturers and oil companies alike. The general public seems fairly convinced that hydrogen vehicles are going to be the way of the future and a simple replacement for oil. Most people are not aware that despite the abundance of hydrogen around us, there is no efficient way to "harvest" any of it. It must be created via processes which currently result in a net energy loss. This article attempts to clear up some misconceptions about using hydrogen power as a replacement for oil and has some fairly startling research to boot."
Data Storage

How To Use a Terabyte of RAM 424

Spuddly writes with links to Daniel Philips and his work on the Ramback patch, and an analysis of it by Jonathan Corbet up on LWN. The experimental new design for Linux's virtual memory system would turn a large amount of system RAM into a fast RAM disk with automatic sync to magnetic media. We haven't yet reached a point where systems, even high-end boxes, come with a terabyte of installed memory, but perhaps it's not too soon to start thinking about how to handle that much memory.

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